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Reminder Sep 18, 2017
Life ends.

Fuck shit up.

Be cool.

Eat cake.

If you suck, be the best sucker you can be!

Gift me please I'm desperate and sad.
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Katie Collins Appreciation Post Aug 31, 2017
Queen of losing toenails and being hit in the face with balls.

Werk it!


Also this iconic scene didn't make the show... #survivor
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Milkshake (Acoustic Version) Aug 15, 2017
Everybody needs to hear the acoustic version of Milkshake by Yellow Blankets. I listen to this daily

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Let's Talk About Cheese Feb 8, 2017
Cheese is just one of the greatest things in this world. I wrote a poem about cheese.

Put cheese on my pizza, I am blessed
Wear cheese on my head, get dressed
Find cheese on the floor, eat it up
Turn cheese into a dog, hello pup!

"Where does cheese come from? A cow? Why don't vegans eat cheese?" - Trisha Paytas, 2017

#Cheese #CheesyDreams #CheesyPoem
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