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who is going unnommed in stars Apr 17, 2020
1 for me
2 for Natepresnell
3 for jacksonjoseph99
4 for both nate and jj
5 for both me and nate
6 for both me and jj

take ur guesses huns
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I haven't seen anyone talking about it Jan 5, 2020
But can we just thank all the multi users for at least filling crooks with them to help us get t?? Like they really waited months to start doing this again but at least they're doing it again!
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73.1% Jan 5, 2020
Not high enough paul028
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My Take Jan 3, 2020
Do eilish and colter deserve going unnommed and is it actually impressive? Yes and no.

Bryan has access to 4 of the accounts (rper was playing for himself but lets be real when bryan uses it for shops he isnt gonna flip when bryan could steal the acc) plus bryce makes a 5th free vote every day

Is it extremely impressive that he stayed safe long enough to have complete control? Yes. I give him props for that. People gave warnings to everyone and they still let uim get to f10 until he had control.

However, this isn't anywhere near as impressive as other people who go unnommed. They had to stay safe for every single day where they had a chance at going up, meanwhile it was literally impossible for 2 of the accs to ever go up starting at final 10. They only had to play well for half the game instead of the whole game.

Props to you bryan and bryce, you know i still love u both. I just don't think the win is super deserved when you physically control over a 1/4th of the game.


We were truly robbed

paul028 gl icon dont get spammed out xoxo
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Its not too late Jan 3, 2020
rperduex11 colter
U2 can nom bryan and one of you can go unnommed alone instead!!
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