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Stars Tributes

Sep 10, 2019 by Typhlosion37
I meant to do these yesterday but got caught up with work and forgot. As I said when i got evicted, theres no hard feelings towards anyone.

Tylerseeg - I warned you that people suspected you of flipping. One of the few lies i told this game was when i said i trusted you anyways. I thought there was a small chance you wouldn't nom me if i did, but here i am. Good luck if you stay against Bryan.

sprtsgy1989 - i was honestly very surprised when i got online to see you put me in a chat. we have had ups and downs throughout our stars together but I'm glad we got to work together for the short time.

astone929 - we didnt really talk much 1 on 1 but i did trust you and do think you were loyal. if not, then you got me but i was loyal to you so i dont think it wouldve been smart for you.

smuguy2012 - we have always been on good terms but i kinda have a feeling you nommed me. if so no hard feelings, if not sorry for suspecting. good luck with the rest of the game

damo1990 - we have always worked together in stars and this was no different. I believe you were loyal and I'm thankful for that. Good luck in the future.

jacksonjoseph99 - 2nd stars together and once again it ended too early. last time i think you got 4th, this time i want you in a finals seat. kill it for me.

rperduex11 - love you as a person but our views didnt line up this game. good luck in the poll.

Jordan009 - didnt talk to you

Mitchkid64 - you knew flipping was stupid for you and yet you did it anyways. cant say i was surprised when the other side nommed you right after anyways.

Jameslu - never spoke to you

CrimsonEnnui - skinny loyal king win please

Chameleon777 - never spoke to you

DaddyDev - when i asked if you nommed me you played victim just like last time but i was told by someone that you told them to nom me. you dont lie well. you get defensive and play victim instead of being logical and talking through it. 2 times i trusted you and 2 times you fuck me over for it.

PaigeScavo - never spoke to you

yachj - you need to play your own game. this is your first stars so i get you're inexperienced but you need to think about what is smart for yourself. you're too trusting and very willing to tell anyone anything from what i can tell and i can see that hurting you later on. i want to see you play hard and see what you can do

good game everyone


Sorry you left too soon :(
Sent by damo1990,Sep 10, 2019
This is not my first stars lol
Sent by yachj,Sep 10, 2019
yachj oh oops i kinda assumed lmao. everything i said otherwise still stands
Sent by Typhlosion37,Sep 10, 2019
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Sep 10, 2019

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