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I need comments for a group game

Apr 18, 2019 by Typhlosion37
I need people to comment their username. First person to comment has to have 4 letters in their username, next person has to have 5, etc. If i say reset it goes back to the beginning. Full rules are listed below if u give a shit. thx xoxo

For this mission, your job is to find a user with 4 characters in their username, then 5, 6, etc.. You must make a blog. Any Tengaged user you find, will have to post their username on that blog.

If you can’t find anyone with the number of characters you need, you will need to say “RESET,” in the comments and you will reset back to 4 characters. However, any points you earned will still be counted to your score. If you don’t post reset and you make a mistake OR no one else comments on your blog, I will stop at the mistake, and that will be your final score. The player that has the most characters will win!

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