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  1. i have a lot of t$
  2. if anyone has links to survivor AU
  3. how much
  4. PYN if
  5. 21st Birthday/Nommed for 4th in Stars
  6. No title
  7. joe has been immune at 22 of the 27
  8. ranking of who I want to return
  9. i am
  10. my drag race winner ranking
  11. monet won that lip sync
  12. the first black female winner
  13. Tove Lo - BLUE LIPS - RANKING
  14. Ranking Organization XIII
  15. Top 10 Albums of the Year - Honorable Mentions
  16. trinity being in the top and winning the lipsync?
  17. Survivor Rankings
  18. im the michele fitzgerald
  19. a controversial winner!
  20. stars WINNER!
  21. ive gotten 1 vote in the last 20 pollbox votes
  22. Finals in Stars 524 Vlog!
  23. i made my first stars finals ever
  24. holy shit
  25. going to bed
  26. THANK YOU 61.9%!
  27. this is my 4th time
  28. is in 2 support blogs
  29. literal survivor final 3 spoilers
  30. i live in maine
  31. i just watched john's ponderosa
  32. People I'm happy with winning vs not
  33. My bold prediction
  34. anyone else
  35. Going to a halloween party tonight..
  36. Just got back from the funeral
  37. My mom passed away 2 days ago
  39. im heterophobic
  40. tyler sweetie...

trinity being in the top and winning the lipsync?

Dec 14, 2018 by TylerK
what in the gay hell?


How the hell did Monique hart be in the top that’s what I wanna know
Sent by Matthew09,Dec 14, 2018
She's great!
Sent by dandoe,Dec 14, 2018
monique was the best of the best this week and it wasnt close. matthew09

i like her but she had that prerecorded video, a tuck, and a shotty lipsync--she should have been safe in the challenge dandoe
Sent by TylerK,Dec 14, 2018

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