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  1. Hook me up with an HG sponsor
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  26. The Bills won and the Leafs won
  27. Literally Matthews and Tavares
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  29. Can't believe no one on tg
  30. Who's watching the big UFC
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  33. I haven't been eating lately :(
  34. Tyler a genius
  36. I'm looking for the people's champ
  37. One more week at my old job
  38. Ugh I'm so bored at work!
  39. Is petro unbanned yet?

is there a way...

Jul 9, 2018 by Tyler93
to mass delete all blogs at once?


nah you have to do it the good old fashioned way
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 9, 2018
Sent by TheLightIsComing,Jul 9, 2018
mark all as read then delete all read
Sent by Holder,Jul 9, 2018
There's a glitch where if you go in shops and gift me, it'll mass delete all of your blogs. That's what I hear at least
Sent by woeisme,Jul 9, 2018
Just delete a few blogs daily
Sent by MrBird,Jul 9, 2018
LOL CHEEKY!! woeisme ;) was about to try but insufficient ts held me back :(

Thanks friends :) bengalboy mrbird
And I think that's for mails holder ahaha but appreciate the thought
Sent by Tyler93,Jul 9, 2018
Oh ok imma die now
Sent by Holder,Jul 9, 2018

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