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  1. When you put in that overtime
  2. Anyone got the png for this?
  3. Who's down
  4. LOL
  5. does anyone have ray bans png?
  6. how do i change the colour of my designs>
  7. getting a shop is literally
  8. Does anyone have the "cigar" mouth png?
  9. Does anyone have the blunt mouth
  10. Help fill stars
  11. I have to get a professional picture taken
  12. happy birthday
  13. The Change Up ...................... (video)
  15. Should I buy tv star
  16. Gym, nap or chel18?
  17. What a stud
  18. Congratsssssss brooooo
  19. Are the Pats winning Super Bowl 57?
  20. Swoop her
  21. Who can help me gift
  22. is there anyone
  23. the real question though
  24. Happy birthday :)
  25. Who's your daddy??
  26. Does anyone wanna help me gift?
  27. Yessss I won $12 on HQ trivia tonight
  28. anyone notice me?
  29. Canada wins gold 馃槒馃槒
  30. Canada vs sweden
  31. Smd tg
  32. Love fridays
  33. Really didn't wanna go back to work this week
  34. Check out nano's vlog
  35. Our last week in stars HOF together
  36. Does HQ automatically use your extra life ?
  37. 2018 off to a slow start on TG
  38. Gonna try and go for a shop in 2018
  39. Oyn
  40. Happy new year

Does HQ automatically use your extra life ?

Jan 1, 2018 by Tyler93
If you have one?
I didn't wanna use my extra life and they just stole it and put me back in the game. Lol gypped


Sent by Funnehliner,Jan 1, 2018

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