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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Nommed for 7th

3rdAug 14, 2014 by Tyler93
imageSo this is my first stars, and my first poll. I guess it's time to see what the tengaged world thinks of me.

I came into this game just trying to learn the ropes and get a good feel for the game. But around Day 7, I really started playing this game for myself. I tried to make moves which tengaged was looking for. I tried to change up this game and flip the house to what it was becoming. Things started to get stressful but a lot more exciting. I'm not finished yet though. I've got more tricks and more chaos to bring to the table. Save me tengaged and give me a chance to get back into the game. I know with your support, I can make a push to the end!

I am up against an enemy karim, who is banned because of the twist from Pandora's box. This banning was not of my doing as I did not receive this power of banning two people. Just to clear the air. However, I am being spammed out by karim via Skype messages. So save me, because I have played every aspects of the game and built strong relationships. Karim has put himself in this position on his own through his actions and attitudes towards others.

I did not volunteer to go up for all accusing me of that. Another one of Karim's/Julian's lies

Thanks again tengaged. All saves are appreciated :)


Saved you!
Sent by JasonXtreme,Aug 14, 2014
you volunteered to go up shut up
Sent by Marlakk,Aug 14, 2014
saved! xo
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by Coffeybean94,Aug 14, 2014
Sent by JamieAndre,Aug 14, 2014
good luck tyler!< 3
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Aug 14, 2014
Goodluck Tyler! People should realize you're not stupid enough to volunteer
Sent by MitchTheMachine,Aug 14, 2014
stars sucks. its just casting, but with no challenges. Its a freaking popularity contest.
Sent by Jettsmith7,Aug 14, 2014
gl tyler. hope you stay so you can win the whole thing
Sent by NJKoda1998,Aug 14, 2014
saved you man
Sent by ItsAustin,Aug 14, 2014
hope you stay
Sent by makingallfall2,Aug 14, 2014
hope you stay!!
Sent by SharpShooter4,Aug 14, 2014
gl hun!
Sent by k4r4k,Aug 14, 2014
saved you man hope you stay :) YOU'RE MAKING ME SO PROUD :)
Sent by Oysterman11,Aug 14, 2014

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