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Ranking of Big Brother Seasons.

Sep 17, 2008 by Ty2890
Now that this season is over, how would everyone rank the seasons of Big Brother. I've been watching since season 4 so I can only judge from there on. I would rank them:
1st-BB6 James from that season was my favorite.
2nd-BB8 those people were entertaining and hated each other
3rd-BB10 lots of drama and funny people
4th-BB4 lots of game players
6th-BB5 kind of boring no one was that rememberable
7th-BB7 All Stars I thought there would be more drama since it was the best of the best.
What do you guys think?


My ranking. (The first one I watched was Season 3)

1st-BB3 (still the best cast. Fun, diverse and memorable...good times)
2nd-BB5 (I enjoyed the Twin Twist a lot, good cast)
3rd-BB6 (All about Janelle though, it was just a fun season to watch)
4th-BB8 (I wasn't a Dick Fan but it was a very eventful season)
5th-BB7 (Not great but it was good to see some of those folks back)
6th-BB4 (Boring cast, just average)
7th-BB10 (I was disappointed, for some reason I was missing something)
8th-BB9 (worst season EVER. Not exciting and unlikeable houseguests)
Sent by Aarias,Sep 17, 2008
I think the top casts have to be 1st-BB2, 2nd-BB3, 3rd-BB10.  I give BB2 tops, because it was a completely different format from BB1 and it gave rise to one of the most infamous players and alliances:  Dr. Will and Chill Town.  You had a lot of interesting relationships in there too.  Dr. Will's ho-mance put Hardy's toothbrush in the toilet and made fun of someone for over eating.  A homosexual and a middle-aged right wing conservative forged an alliance.  Boogie proposed to Krista. Some guy threatened Krista with a knife and got kicked out. Monica wasn't sure if she had lost family in 9-11.  It was a very intense season.
Sent by Grayson10001,Sep 17, 2008
thats a cool list but I didn't care much for James and I liked All Stars the best. Danielle and Will are the bomb!
Sent by kcdavis,Jan 6, 2009

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