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  1. gift me
  2. Who remember
  3. Who remember
  4. I got this felling that
  5. I'm ready for
  6. Lol
  7. Where is
  8. Fortnite event
  9. My life story
  10. I'm sorry
  11. Eviction notice
  12. if i win stars raffle
  13. the circle
  14. Listen here
  15. Low key
  16. I quit
  17. Ok
  18. Frookies
  19. Damn
  20. Oh yea
  21. Told y'all fuckers
  22. Lol
  23. And again
  24. OH shit
  25. lowkey
  26. OH YEA
  27. And for daily
  28. I remember
  29. The real me
  30. I lowkey
  31. Im lowkey not joing
  33. 😂
  34. Why is
  35. Attention
  36. Noone
  37. Rooting for
  38. Im tired being king of tengaged
  39. I got
  40. Um


Oct 12, 2018 by TwoStep
Call me pam: no Skype get the hell out

Kyoot 15 again aww bet you mad

Jenna hahahahah you thought

Beast Boy make sure to not lie on the person who I was controlling the votes with

Manni your ban dident matter you was not going to win my guy

Island 69.9 low how it fell

Lions bro I exposed on what you did and still played it off and still thought we were allies

Felipe ahh popular boy isent so popular
James oh poor James boohoo you got out by me and Aaliyah

Chic are you mad same again me and Aaliyah

Twostep haha me and Aaliyah controlled all y'all sets lol when I got nommed I asked to be nominated

Joey haha you dident do shit we let you think that and that's why your on the block

Lowki you flew under the radar you fucking sheep

Orlando lol oh the reason your.  Unomiated is because me and Aaliyah saved you hahaha we carried you

Vanili oh boohoo play victim you dident shit tengaged fells bad for you but hey we let you get a break

Aaliyah who helped controll the sets you deserve it

woeisme come at me mother fucker I'm a light green who did this shit and you said I can't play stars suck it bitch this is all the truth



lmfao. i never said you couldn't play. I went after you for going on about gameplay when you were stanning someone who was logged off and didn't lock in noms just a few weeks ago. ✌👌🖕
Sent by woeisme,Oct 12, 2018

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