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  1. Bluemoonlight died
  2. admin
  3. all star
  4. ok i fell lost
  5. join this group please
  6. rookies
  7. lol gg
  8. i made a multi but i let people evict him then..
  9. admin
  11. fight admin
  12. lol never made jury
  13. these bitches
  14. this bitch
  15. am i wierd
  16. oml why im always targeted
  17. zwooper or tengaged
  18. zwooper or tengaged
  20. BIG BROTHER 20
  21. pls join survivor to the death
  22. Tengaged is dead
  23. Survivor TO THE DEATH
  24. total drama spoons
  25. big brother elimination game
  26. survivor ireland
  27. survivor mexcio pyn
  28. good to be back
  29. final destination
  30. which story
  31. final destination
  32. I'm back and got a fresh mind choose a story
  33. happy v day
  34. story
  35. im quiting tengaged
  36. keep this going
  37. inspire
  38. when i get mad at my girl
  39. join group winner will be ranked bb champ
  40. my game tho


Feb 12, 2018 by TwoStep
when I was seven I was jumped almost got beat to death I never really got inspired and I don't really still get inspired but still don't do these things inspire don't beat

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