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Season 10 Celebrity Reveal and Celebrity Schedule for Future Seasons

Jan 19, 2021 by Trackerfan1
imageIf you guessed correctly I will be playing as Jace Norman for Season 10 of DWTS
He will be the second Nickelodeon star to compete on the show following Joshua in Season 8
I will be playing as Jace on Yellow Level so that he gets past the first 2 weeks of competition
Hopefully I will finally be able to participate in Disney Night this season
Good luck to everyone who will be applying for Season 10
Here is my celebrity player schedule for Seasons 10-14
Season 10 Jace Norman
Season 11 Bobby Flay
Season 12 Blake Shelton
Season 13 Brian Hull
Season 14 Gordon Ramsay
Again good luck to everyone applying for Season 10 and I will see you guys soon


How do I apply?
Sent by LoganWolfe,Jan 20, 2021
You type in your username and your color level and then type in the name of the celebrity you want to compete as
Sent by Trackerfan1,Jan 20, 2021
Mine are
Season 10- Kam Williams
Season 11- Danielle Busby
Season 12- Meg Maley
Season 13- Joe Jonas
Season 14- Chloe Lukasiak
Sent by Tommy123,Jan 21, 2021

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