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I Will Be Playing as Ken Jennings for Season 9 of DWTS (RIP Alex Trebek)

Jan 8, 2021 by Trackerfan1
Hi everyone welcome to my first ever blog on this site
Well today marks the end of the Alex Trebek era of Jeopardy
To pay tribute to Alex I will be playing as Ken Jennings for Season 9 of LaCroix's DWTS series
I am nervous this will be my 2nd season as DWTS mentor and last season I got out in 11th place for not doing enough campaigning and it was mainly Olivia and AJ's fault for sending Josh and Dianne out the door in Week 2
I want you guys to do a favor for me to make sure that I don't finish in 11th place again
When Season 9 premieres I will write a vote campaign blog for every single week Ken is in the competition
Users every time Ken is facing elimanation please vote to save me
I really want to make it to the end of the upcoming season and I need the support from you guys make it there

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