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I'm Now at Yellow Level! Mar 13, 2021
After 5 seasons in DWTS and playing several casting and other games, I've finally made it to yellow level!  I want to give a shoutout of thanks to my Tengaged friends who gave me tips and to all who voted for my DWTS celebrities and who saved me in games.  I'm excited to see what the new level opens up for me going forward.  Again, thanks to all who supported me, and I'm looking forward to listing my level as yellow in my next game application!
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Help Him Stay "One Jump Ahead" of the Competition! Mar 7, 2021
imageThanks to you, Broadway Aladdin star Josh Dela Cruz is moving closer to the Mirrorball in DWTS All Stars, but he still needs your help to stay "One Jump Ahead" of the competition and make it to the Top 6.  So please, vote Team Josh once again!  As always, thanks for your support!  Copy and paste the link to vote.
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"You Can Do Anything... Mar 3, 2021
image...that you wanna do" but I sure hope you'll vote for Josh in this episode of DWTS All Stars!  He had a respectable score on his samba, but he's near the bottom and needs your help.  So please, help Josh "take a step at a time" closer to the Mirrorball and vote Team Josh! Thanks so much!  Copy and paste the link to vote.
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DWTS All Stars Mid Season Thoughts, First Season 13 Celebrity Teaser Mar 1, 2021
imageWell at the end of Season 11 I didn't know that I would get to bring  back and give one of my
previous 4 celebrities a rare 2nd chance at the Mirrorball, but yet again Josh is killing it at the All Star Theater. Thanks for helping me make it to the Top 9 of All Stars.
As a reward, here is your first hint and teaser on the first lucky girl and the next celebrity newcomer I will be playing as for Season 13.
Your first hint about my Season 13 celebrity is this famous catchphrase
"You are the Weakest Link.  Goodbye."
Try to guess who said this catchphrase and you'll know the celebrity I will be playing as for Season 13 of DWTS.  Remember, this season will be the first time I will be sponsoring a girl and be paired with a male professional.  Again hope you guys decipher the mystery on my Season 13 celebrity and I will see you guys when I write my next campaign blog for my DWTS All Star Josh Dela Cruz.
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Thanks 4 Doing Your Part, You Sure Are Smart! Feb 26, 2021
imageThanks to all who have supported Josh in the DWTS All Stars Season! I'm really happy to have made it this far, and since the competition's heating up, your help is needed more than ever.  So grab your handy dandy "Vote" book and vote Team Josh! Thanks!!  Copy and paste the link to vote.
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Who Needs Your Help? Here's a Clue! Feb 24, 2021
imageOr 3, actually!  1.  He was born in Dubai.  2.  He's a vegan bodybuilder who knows jiu-jujitsu.
3.  He left Broadway to become the host of Nickelodeon's Blues Clues and You reboot.  You don't have to sit in your "Thinking Chair" to know who it is: it's Josh Dela Cruz, and he needs your help to make it to the next round of DWTS All Stars! So, now that you're "Clued" in, please vote Team Josh!  As always, thanks for your support! Copy and paste the link to vote.
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