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[ANGELINA KEELEY] best brant of all time

Jun 1, 2020 by TotsTrashy
im speechless at her gameplay.


- she played an idol on mikayla at the final 10 to force a revote, stayed in the revote, and then at the final 6 saved both her idols instead of saving herself and mikayla. jury management.

- she found 4 idols at different parts of the game out of the 7 total. 2 going into finale and then found the rehidden merge idol at the final 5, effectively cirie'ing the edge returnee and only man left out of the game.

- 2 individual immunity wins. val collins had more, and she trained sandy burgin how to make fire on day 39, sending her to battle and she won, swiftly making angelina the person in the f3 with the most comp wins.

- only 3 votes cast against her all game. 2 coming from reed kelly who was mad at angelina since the merge began for ruining his game. the other came from benry at the final 5, but the votes weren't even read because she cirie'd his ass back to the jury.

- if youre curious to follow the whole season, here's the link. angelina's breakout episodes was 9.1 and everything afterwards was herstory.




how do u make those voting charts
Sent by Onda,Jun 1, 2020
This is iconic
Sent by top20fan33,Jun 1, 2020
also link the sim omg
Sent by Onda,Jun 1, 2020
nvm i see it
Sent by Onda,Jun 1, 2020
she didn't have to eat like that
Sent by Russell11,Jun 1, 2020

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