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  1. I hate feeling like
  2. My personality type is really weird
  3. It’s so annoying to be a young person in America..
  4. A lot of people hate on the 9-5 life
  5. Truth be told
  6. Nothing I hate more than
  7. Your life is worth it
  8. This boat is sinking
  9. Something needs to be done
  10. Kat is me honestly
  11. Will The HOH nominate
  12. Stuck between a Millennial and Gen Z
  13. Anything I can do for extra money on here?
  14. Is it a thing to have PTSD from high school?
  15. Just realized
  16. What was the endurance comp
  17. I have this weird feeling
  18. Good news
  19. This is the first time I think
  20. Do you guys consider yourself
  21. I hate anxiety
  22. Nick is so dumb lol
  23. You Never Realize...
  24. BB21-Motto
  25. Analyse irks me
  26. Everyone just wants hookups I feel
  27. I’m happy!!
  28. I think they US should do
  29. Bad HOH winner
  30. For those who work in service industry jobs
  31. I have the “Boy Next Door” Problem
  32. I laugh at BB players who team up
  33. Hero/White Collar/Brains/ENFP
  34. My winner pick for BB21 is Nick
  35. I sometimes envision myself on big brother
  36. You're the only one
  37. Do you all remember " House of Mouse"
  38. I've finally watched the interviews for BB21
  39. Life is going better right now
  40. Why does BB never cast an older woman

I hate anxiety

Jul 16, 2019 by TotalDramaLover1234
It makes me really sick to my stomach. What’s the best medicine to treat anxiety?

I’ve never actually been prescribed any medicine mostly cause I’m scared of counseling.


Same bud -- just text me! I have a few non-medicinal ways! <3
Sent by yswimmer96,Jul 16, 2019
hope ur doing ok :/
Sent by Birks4444,Jul 16, 2019
I let it pass when I have the upset stomach due to anxiety
I don't like counseling either =[
Sent by Dracarys,Jul 16, 2019
Same bro same i would do anything just to be normal
Sent by Carlo_Costly,Jul 16, 2019
Awwwww :(
Sent by pinkiepie512,Jul 16, 2019

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