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  1. Sad T-Swift Songs
  2. Working at a Bank now
  3. Are any comps on here easier
  4. Do you all believe in ghosts and spirits?
  5. I always get myself in sticky situations
  6. Is it normal for girls to take showers together?
  7. I have ate 4 bowls of spaghetti
  8. My dogs have decided they are tired of everyone..
  9. Being Bipolar is crazy
  10. My Big Brother All-Star Prediction
  12. Do you guys ever
  13. What are your signs?
  14. Story behind my top blog
  15. My life is pathetic.
  16. Mastropola
  17. Middle-Aged women on facebook
  18. Since I quit my job
  19. I don't know how I did this
  20. I quit my job
  21. I cannot decide on a major
  22. A superpower I would love to have
  23. I am proud of myself
  24. Who is your favorite marvel superhero?
  25. I genuinely just wanna pack my bags
  26. Life is so complex right now
  27. I’m the most single person I know
  28. Thanks Michael :))
  29. My survivor ranking
  30. I wish you the best for all this world can give.
  31. I have an addiction to sweaters
  32. Love people, love yourself.
  33. I’m lonely
  34. American Idol
  35. Why is every survivor merge challenge
  36. I see so many interesting blogs that never get..
  37. Avril is the best artist of the 21st century
  38. People are horrible on Facebook
  39. Middle aged women are the biggest demographic
  40. I am sleepy

Just eating an entire 1/2 gallon of ice cream

Dec 17, 2018 by TotalDramaLover1234
After having a major panic attack at work today

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