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  1. What is everyone's favorite glee performance?
  2. My all time favorite song
  3. Should I go to a U2 concert?
  4. Everyone trashing roblox
  5. This is the first season of CBB/RANKINGS
  6. Who else loves
  7. Kim Woodburn
  8. I wish I never found this site
  9. We need an avril in the music industry
  10. I am going stir crazy
  11. Does everyone remember
  12. I feel bad for cali
  13. Courtney Act entering CBB
  14. This season of CBB is actually
  15. Im watching CBB Episode 1
  16. What's the full story about Shane Dawson being a..
  17. I feel bad
  18. Oprah 2020
  19. I miss old survivor
  20. There is this little old lady
  21. I have the flu
  22. Just finished TAR
  23. I feel bad for Meg Griffin
  24. Which breakfast club character do you think you..
  25. Why am I such a detailed dreamer?
  26. Happy New Years
  27. I feel bad for Mariah
  28. I envy you peoples
  29. I dare you guys to try this
  30. What sorta upsets me is
  31. I just bought some workout equipment
  32. I wanna visit some national parks in Pacific..
  33. Is there a way to get dumber?
  34. I am hosting an on camera
  35. How does one learn a different language quick?
  36. Is hulu better than netflix?
  37. I want a pet duck
  38. Follow up from last post
  39. The most annoying type of people
  40. Goodnight everyone!

Which breakfast club character do you think you are?

Jan 3, 2018 by TotalDramaLover1234
I would probably be a mixture of Allison (the basket case/goth girl) and Brian (The Nerd)


the girl
Sent by RoboZoe,Jan 3, 2018
The pothead
Sent by Danger,Jan 3, 2018

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