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  1. I'm not a competitive person
  2. Next Frookies is Musical Chair Frookies
  3. Honestly my dream is if
  4. TG drag race rankings
  5. So many young girls this season on American Idol
  6. Good news
  7. Which is easier to learn?
  8. Fastings are so fun and underrated
  9. Loved American idol tonight
  10. I love the show " Daria"
  11. I'm considering being a barista
  12. You know what sucks?
  13. GEN X and IGEN are pretty much the same
  14. I get so emotional
  15. The only thing I can ever win
  16. Hopelessly
  17. Best advice to memorize a speech over night? LOL
  18. This summer is gonna be so much fun
  19. Do you guys remember " The Glass House"
  20. I'm reading
  21. Trisha Paytas
  22. I'll be going to Minnesota this summer
  23. Mysterious as the la Mina curse
  24. I finished "Everything Sucks" on Netflix
  25. Is there a way to block
  26. LOL you guys
  27. I wish it was set
  28. Yesss Donathon
  29. Sebastian
  30. Idk why people want robots
  31. I'm scared of life
  32. So there is a play going on @ my school
  33. I had a weird dream last night
  34. 1 song that can bring me to tears
  36. Fun fact of the day
  37. Has anyone else noticed
  38. Shallowness is real on here lol
  39. Dude problems #1
  40. Rooting for the other totaldramalover

Y'all shouldn't have shot me out in hunger

Mar 2, 2016 by TotalDramaLover1234
what happens when you betray people and now you can't play again for a while :)



Sent by BlueStar1367,Mar 2, 2016
amen caleb
Sent by Marchesa,Mar 2, 2016

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