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Tengaged Rates ESC 2021 - #9

May 18, 2021 by TolisKalkas
imageFull standings so far on the link at the bottom of the blog!

In 9th place we have Gjon's Tears's "Tout l'Univers" from Switzerland

Average Score - 7.524 with a standard devition of 1.913

Highest scores:
10 - Alexito Darbe Fritzyyyyy QueenM1chelle
9.7 - Varlto

Lowest scores:
4.5 - #Aquamarine
3 - Jessie_

#Aquamarine        I can see how this would do well at like, being in the field for an Oscar nominated song of the year, but idk it bewilders me a little bit that its so high in the odds.
Alexeh        Was obsessed with this when it first came out, doesn't quite sound as fresh now that other songs have had time to grow, but still very good. Prefer it to Répondez-moi for sure. Really strong, it's just a very good piece of music, I love Switzerland being a powerhouse now.
Alexito        a masterpiece
Fritzyyyyy        Genuinely stunning. Still gives me goosebumps everytime -- though I've managed not to overplay it and that helps.
Hellocat        I prefer Repondez-Moi but those vocals are amazing.
J2999        I'm not sure what it is but something about this song just... kinda misses the mark for me? He has a good voice, and there's definitely good parts to it, but as a whole it hasn't hit me as much as I have always wanted it to.
LiukBB        My favourite out of the one i am rooting for.
Patrick319        Stunning ballad, though its replay value has grown stale.
Seaviper        He has a really nice voice, but the song doesn't stand out for me majorly
Thegoodman        This is very good I like the cinematic nature of it, I'm not hoping it wins I'm more into the upbeat songs but look, I cannot deny its quality.
Tommeh208        I wasn't a fan last year but, if I'm feeling it. I really enjoy this song. Espcially towards the end I think it's a brillant year but again in comparison to other female pop songs it's not quite there.

Song Rank over time (as entries were being submitted)

Full list of results and What's Remaining:

Participants: AlanDuncan, Alexeh23, Alexito, Charliebibi, Darbe, Eoin, Fritzyyyyy, Hellocat, J2999, Jessie_, LiukBB, Natepresnell, Patrick319, QueenM1chelle, Ricktworick1, Seaviper, Thegoodman, TolisKalkas, Tommeh208, Varlto, and Aquamarine



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wait how-
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Songs Remaining:
Czech Republic - Benny Cristo - "Omaga"
Sent by PennyTrationStan,May 18, 2021
benny cristo last remaining male
Sent by Darbe,May 18, 2021
LMAO how tf are Serbia and Ireland still in
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