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Tengaged Rates ESC 2021 - #11

May 18, 2021 by TolisKalkas
imageFull standings so far on the link at the bottom of the blog!

In 11th place we have Måneskin's "Zitti e buoni" from Italy

Average Score - 7.51 with a standard devition of 3.048

Highest scores:
11 - Charliebibi Patrick319 Varlto
10 - Darbe Hellocat QueenM1chelle

Lowest scores:
2 - TolisKalkas Tommeh208
0 - Jessie_

Alexeh        Another song that I think I respect a lot more than I actually enjoy. I LOVE his voice though that's such a serve. Idk this doesn't do it that much for me but I do still quite like it. Would be an interesting winner!
Charliebibi         Honestly this is already a top 5 eurovision song of all-time for me, slotting in right behind Saara. This song is just straight up quality, the singers are electric on the stage and honestly, I think we're way overdue for a rock win and I would be over the moon if this won. Have a bad feeling we would never get that lucky though.
Fritzyyyyy        I love how they go orf.
Hellocat        Eurovision treating me to TWO rock songs, we like to see it. May I add it's 2 QUALITY rock songs.
J2999        This is difficult like I LOVE everything about Italy and they have some of my favourite ESC submissions so that kinda automatically makes me like it, but realistically unfortunately definitely not my favourite by them... GOOD, but not what I want it to be.
Jessie_        Burn it with fire. This is terrible. I hate this genre of music, didn't appreciate any of it. It was painful, I had to stop listening to it.
LiukBB        An other year where my nation snap yasss
Patrick319        My #1 of the year. Pure excellence.
Seaviper        I do like that we have an Italian rock song at last, but this is jyst okay. Best song from Italy in a while, but...Italy is kind of my bottom 5 average wise
Thegoodman        This is so well done, like I know they mean every word whatever those words mean I have no idea. It's authentic and strong, this could be the future of rock at Eurovision
Tommeh208        Controvesial, but just not my taste at all. The 'malolo' part is catchy but other than that I just get a total headache.
Varlto        "        I love Maneskin so much. I knew them before San Remo cause of an italian friend and I was rooting SO hard for them to win. And they did! I just love this rock sound."

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Full list of results and What's Remaining:

Participants: AlanDuncan, Alexeh23, Alexito, Charliebibi, Darbe, Eoin, Fritzyyyyy, Hellocat, J2999, Jessie_, LiukBB, Natepresnell, Patrick319, QueenM1chelle, Ricktworick1, Seaviper, Thegoodman, TolisKalkas, Tommeh208, Varlto, and Aquamarine



what the fuck
Sent by varlto,May 18, 2021
LMAO honestly shock boot but /e wave
Sent by J2999,May 18, 2021
LMFAO kinda bald
Sent by Alexeh23,May 18, 2021
Highest scores:
11 - Varlto

Sent by PennyTrationStan,May 18, 2021
cancel the ranking
Sent by Patrick319,May 18, 2021
pennytrationstan i didnt
Sent by varlto,May 18, 2021
Lmao at me dragging this from 6th to 11th woops
Sent by Tommeh208,May 18, 2021

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