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Tengaged Rates ESC 2021 - #12

May 18, 2021 by TolisKalkas
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In 12th place we have Albina's "Tick-Tock" from Croatia

Average Score - 7.362 with a standard devition of 1.834

Highest scores:
9.5 - TolisKalkas Tommeh208
9 - Charliebibi Hellocat Natepresnell  Ricktworick1 Seaviper

Lowest scores:
6 - Alexeh23 Darbe LiukBB
1 - Jessie_

Alexeh        This has kinda fallen off for me recently idk. It's still an earworm obviously but I'm a bit unbothered by it now, good chorus, everything else is meh. I pray for her vocal cords trying to strain those high notes out it's just not pleasant to listen to. Other bops have aged better.
Fritzyyyyy        Solid bop, but overshadowed by bigger and better bops.
Hellocat        Albina sells this song.
J2999        There is a part of the song that I like, but a good amount that's just.. not really doing much for me. And in a year where I like most the songs a lot, that shoves this towards the rear end of the list.
LiukBB        I like it but i don't love it. It misses something
Patrick319        Good pop song with a strong hook. Not bad.
Seaviper        This is honestly a bop! It's a little messy, but I still love it! Realistically though, I can't give it a 10's ultimately not as memorable as I'd have liked. In three years, I don't see myself still bopping to this
Thegoodman        Always down for a big girly bop and this delivers, it's outdone by some others
Tommeh208        Another underated bop - music, lyrics, it's great - if it had just a little more energy it would be a ten.

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Full list of results and What's Remaining:

Participants: AlanDuncan, Alexeh23, Alexito, Charliebibi, Darbe, Eoin, Fritzyyyyy, Hellocat, J2999, Jessie_, LiukBB, Natepresnell, Patrick319, QueenM1chelle, Ricktworick1, Seaviper, Thegoodman, TolisKalkas, Tommeh208, Varlto, and Aquamarine



Fine boot rly fine
Sent by J2999,May 18, 2021
Oh wow this is a bop, personal top 10
Sent by RedFabFoxy,May 18, 2021
why is this so high
Sent by Alexeh23,May 18, 2021
Sent by Tommeh208,May 18, 2021

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