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Tengaged Rates ESC 2021 - #13

May 18, 2021 by TolisKalkas
imageFull standings so far on the link at the bottom of the blog!

In 13th place we have Eden Alene's "Set Me Free" from Israel

Average Score - 7.295 with a standard devition of 1.612

Highest scores:
9.5 - QueenM1chelle
9 - Charliebibi LiukBB Tommeh208

Lowest scores:
6 - Darbe Jessie_ Natepresnell  Thegoodman
2 - #Aquamarine

#Aquamarine        Last year's song was so upbeat and fun and this song lacks like, any sort of pizazz whatsoever. Its like she gave up.
Alexeh        This has grown on me too! Eden is SO good and kinda deserves better than this song but she has done her absolute best with it and turned it into a pretty solid bop. She does carry it for sure, I wish the song did a bit more, I feel like it's lacking in a hook and kinda feels a little lost in what it wants to be, and so it ends up fading into the background a bit, but yeah it has grown on me and I enjoy it.
Fritzyyyyy        The revamp elevated this quite a bit, but there's still some sadness on my end that we're not getting a full-on ethno banger.
Hellocat        Eden completely saved this song. I think her charisma, confidence, vocals and energy will send this song to the final. I've never doubted Eden.
J2999        Honestly... I do kinda feel I prefer the OG version. I still LIKE this, but yeah I'm not sure. It was one that grew on me initially, and I've been fond since, but yeah do prefer the original overall. Still good.
LiukBB        Omg this is a serve
Patrick319        "One of the best revamps I've ever heard. The song has such an
addicting quality to it. There's a lot of fun elements that keep me
engaged each time I listen to it as well."
Seaviper        It would be a 7 pre-revamp, but the revamp doesn't work for me. It's still good, but I preffered the old version (That was still average though)
Thegoodman        The revamp has given this a shot because the original was SO dull, I'm still not looking for it to do particularly well but kudos for Eden for selling it well
Tommeh208        My other favourite when I first listened to the songs - it's such an amazing song. she really makes it, there's just tough competition.

Song Rank over time (as entries were being submitted)

Full list of results and What's Remaining:

Participants: AlanDuncan, Alexeh23, Alexito, Charliebibi, Darbe, Eoin, Fritzyyyyy, Hellocat, J2999, Jessie_, LiukBB, Natepresnell, Patrick319, QueenM1chelle, Ricktworick1, Seaviper, Thegoodman, TolisKalkas, Tommeh208, Varlto, and Aquamarine



Bops so hard
Sent by s73100,May 18, 2021
The lowest score section containing 6s kinda iconic
Sent by J2999,May 18, 2021

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