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Tengaged Rates ESC 2021 - #20

May 17, 2021 by TolisKalkas
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In 20th place we have The Roop's "Discoteque" from Lithuania

Average Score - 6.586 with a standard devition of 2.801

Highest scores:
10 - Fritzyyyyy Patrick319 Thegoodman
9.5 - Alexito Alexeh23 Ricktworick1

Lowest scores:
1.7 - #Aquamarine
1.5 - Varlto

Alexeh        This is being slept on SO MUCH trust and believe. So much fun, with a really catchy and memorable chorus, great production, this is going to do very well with the televote at least and I think juries will go for it too. Great song, much better than last year no question about THAT.
Fritzyyyyy        Masterpiece methinks. Hating The Roop isn't a personality trait, etc.
Hellocat        Aged for me.
J2999        I just feel this is almost... too light for me, it makes me struggle to really I enjoy. I mostly enjoy the bit that's just like the music and them throwing their arms around like... yeah, music is good there.
LiukBB        I find this very annoying
Patrick319        "This has always been one of my favourites. The replay value on this is particularly high."
Seaviper        Not the biggest fan. I can tolerate it, but not something I'd willingly choose to listen to. Still, it's a pass
Thegoodman        Catchy, casual friendly, charismatic and clever. I absolutely was won over by this and The Roop, I'm a huge fan.
Tommeh208        I prefer last years, but this is still a fun song that is very catchy in parts.

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Full list of results and What's Remaining:

Participants: AlanDuncan, Alexeh23, Alexito, Charliebibi, Darbe, Eoin, Fritzyyyyy, Hellocat, J2999, Jessie_, LiukBB, Natepresnell, Patrick319, QueenM1chelle, Ricktworick1, Seaviper, Thegoodman, TolisKalkas, Tommeh208, Varlto, and Aquamarine



bad song
Sent by s73100,May 17, 2021
Sent by Darbe,May 17, 2021
Sent by Alexeh23,May 18, 2021
1.5 - Varlto

i cant be shocked the taste party was here
Sent by J2999,May 18, 2021

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