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If you sing, you have less than 24 hours left to apply to (Karaoke) Idol!

Sep 7, 2015 by TolisKalkas
imageYOU DO NOT NEED AN AUDITION PIECE! I just need to see how many people intend to join. The next week is Hollywood week where the contestants will be broken up into groups and perform for the judges.

Once the blog expires, we will move onto hollywood week.

So here's a little more on the format:

Similarly to TkI13, the judges will score you in 2 categories.
- 10 points for vocal performance
- 10 points for performance.

Different to TkI14,
- each judge will have one category assigned to them, each judge will not know which category it is and will potentially change week-by-week.
- not all the judges scores will apply. It will be similar to sporting events that are judged in which the highest and lowest scores from the judges will be dropped. (number of judges per category will affect how many scores are dropped)

With this change judge apps are also extended until this blog expires:

I think that covers all the new information about the season. If there are any other questions, please post them in comments and mail and I will address them ASAP.




So hay? Am I applying idk
Sent by SexGoddx,Sep 7, 2015
Can't wait to get started :)
Sent by EnglishBB,Sep 8, 2015
So when is this starting!
Sent by Raydog90,Sep 9, 2015
Sent by lamontlamar1998,Sep 9, 2015

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