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My First Online Meetup

Jul 28, 2021 by Tizian
I officially met EmzThorne at his job this morning. I’m on vacation to Florida to celebrate my 21st birthday and I’m coincidentally in the same town he lives in!

I’ve known Max and a lot of our mutual friends for 10 years now, and it was super fun & nice to meet him in person! We talked about some IRL and online stuff, but then he got busy with customers so I left teehee. But yeah, it was nice to actually meet someone I’ve known for so long LMAO. It was also kinda awkward at first cuz I was walking around with my introverted self wondering how to say hi LOL.

Anyways, thank you for the fun talk EmzThorne !! I’ll see you around!

Also, I will be meeting Dracarys tonight and hang out on Friday!! I’ve known him for 10 years online as well so it should be fun! 💛💛


Pics or it didnt happen
Sent by Kaylabby,Jul 28, 2021
didn’t take no pics oopsie! just trust n believe or whateva
Sent by Tizian,Jul 28, 2021
I’ll see you again im sure!
Sent by EmzThorne,Jul 28, 2021

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