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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Mar 9, 2019 by Tizian

The boat approaches the glorious Emeraldia Island, home of the competition the trainers will put their Pokemon in. 26 Pokemon will fight for the grand prize; the Island of course!

Docking at the port, the Trainers give their last goodbyes to their pokemon and they go on their journey.

Buneary and Pachirisu are lifted down from their trainer’s shoulders, giving a deep hug to them and getting onto the boat.

Oshawott, Piplup, and Squirtle get off the boat together, their trainers trying to follow but are stopped by security.

Celebi appears in front of Teddiursa and Togepi, in which Togepi faints. Teddiursa, confused, pokes Togepi in the face. Celebi giggles, flying away as she passes Marill riding on Deerling’s back as he marches forward off the boat.

Oddish rolls off the boat, bowling into Smoochum and Shinx, in which Smoochum was trying to kiss Shinx. Starly nests into Swablu’s wings as Swablu lands on the dock. Eevee and Vulpix are chasing each other’s tails, their trainer laughing and wishing them adieu. Plusle and Minun wrestle each other down the landing and knock into Tepig and Manaphy, who look at them annoyed.

Pikachu, Cyndaquil, and Torchic walk down the landing, however Torchic struts her feathers leaving Shinx to faint next to Oddish and Smoochum. Smoochum looks up, seeing Torchic and she frowns.

Cubone jumps off, landing away from all of the other Pokemon. Absol comes into view, and the landing breaks before she can walk down. Absol looks down, jumping and landing on the dock. The boat drifts away as Piplup falls randomly.

The Host, a random speaker box, plops down from the sky, and all the Pokemon turn to stare at it. Pikachu goes to electrocute it but it reflects and hits Marill right off Deerling’s back and into the water. Deerling gasps, going over to help Marill back onto the dock, pulling by his ear.

The Pokemon turn back to the Speaker box,

“Alright, welcome to Pokemon: Battle For Emeraldia Island. You will compete in challenges, and each week on of you will get eliminated and go back to your trainer without the grand prize. The grand prize is this whole island to yourself & your trainer. Your first task is to get into your teams. You need to get into five teams of 5. Plusle and Minun are together as one duo, so they will count as 1 in a team and go to a colored platform to signal your team color. Go.”

The Pokemon looks around, The Mice Pokemon (Cyndaquil, Pikachu, and Marill) get together, Deerling nibbling onto Oddish and picking her up and walking over with Marill’s group forming their team.

Starly naps into Swablu’s wings, who giggles as Eevee, Vulpix, and Manaphy walk over to form the second team.

Buneary and Pachirisu walk over to Oshawott and Piplup who seem to have a mutual agreement. Squirtle waddles over and ops to join them as well, forming the third team.

Celebi appears back again next to Togepi and Teddiursa, circling around them to form a team. Togepi tenses up, but giggles at Celebi and nods. Tepig goes to walk to Shinx, however Plusle and Minun wrestle over and knock him over to the trio to form the fourth team.

Which leaves the leftovers, Smoochum looking hella angry as Shinx stares at Torchic, who struts over. Absol and Cubone look at each other, shrugging and walking over to form the fifth and last team.

Which leaves the teams to be:

Team Red:
Plusle & Minun

Team Blue:

Team Yellow:

Team Purple:

Team Green:

The Speaker Box starts back up, “Alright, now you are in your teams. You will all compete in these teams  for the oncoming challenges. Winning challenges grant immunity from being eliminated. The losing team will be sent to the Catch ‘em All, where one of you will be voted out by the audience at home. Your first challenge is to use this map,”

*the speaker box opens up, shooting out maps for each team*

“And use them to locate the Nursery which is on the other side of the island. You must have all of your members present at the finish line to win immunity for the whole team. Ready? Go.”

The Speaker Box springs into the air, hurling towards the other side of the island.

The Pokemon grab the maps and start running onto a path. All of the Yellow team is riding on Deerling’s back as he gallops through the forest. Pikachu opens the map, and with the help of Cyndaquil they lead Deerling into the right direction.

The Blue Team just huddle onto Starly and Swablu’s backs, riding above the forest canopy.

The Green Team starts bounding onto the path, Absol taking the lead as Shinx is behind, Cubone running after and Smoochum booty bumping Torchic into a bush and leaving her behind.

Celebi picks up Togepi, Togepi gasping as they fly in the air. Togepi flails around, wailing as now she is #scared.

The rest of the Red Team are having a blank as Plusle and Minun snatch the map, looking at it intensely and not sharing.

Purple Team map it out correctly, and start running down the path. Pachirisu and Oshawott lead, Buneary in the middle, and Piplup and Squirtle waddle behind.
The Blue Team lands smoothly and quickly onto the finish line, Eevee, Vulpix, and Manaphy thanking Swablu and Starly. “Wow! Blue Team got here in record speed, congratulations you are safe.”

Soon after, Deerling runs out of the clearing and across the finish line, his whole team on his back cheering. “Yellow Team, you are safe.”

Celebi drops an unconscious Togepi on the finish line, flying back to help the others.

Torchic gets out of the bush, fixing her feathers and starts running again, this time getting lost because she was left behind. The rest of the Green Team and Purple Team make it to the end, Absol wondering where Torchic is and Smoochum smirking evilly.

Tepig and Teddiursa sigh, starting to walk on the path as Plusle and Minun argue about the map, eventually electrifying it to a crisp. They sigh, making up and running along the trail to wing it.

Celebi grabs onto Tepig and Teddiursa, lifting them into the sky from their ears. They fly to the finish line, now waiting on the final racers aka Torchic and Plusle/Minun.


Strutting from the clearing, Torchic rushes to the finish line before Plusle and Minun even see the finish line. “Alright, Red Team you are up for Catch ‘em All. One of you will be voted out by the viewers, good luck.”



Celebi, The Time Traveling Pokemon.
Togepi, The Spike Ball Pokemon.
Teddiursa, The Little Bear Pokemon.
Plusle & Minun, The Cheering Pokemon.
Tepig, The Fire Pig Pokemon.




Tepig tag me
Sent by Yandereboy12,Mar 9, 2019
Celebi, The Time Traveling Pokemon.
Sent by SeongWoo,Mar 9, 2019
Tepig, The Fire Pig Pokemon.
Sent by HaliFord,Mar 9, 2019
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Mar 9, 2019
Tepig im so sorry baby
Sent by Saftronbtr999,Mar 9, 2019
Celebi, the time traveling Pokemon
Sent by coolKat,Mar 9, 2019
the green team was woke
Sent by Absol,Mar 9, 2019
Good TV has to stay. I vote for Tepig.
Sent by iYBF,Mar 9, 2019
Tepig! RIP poor little piggy.
Sent by UnicornChicken,Mar 9, 2019
Sent by Tizian,Mar 10, 2019

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