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Pokemon BFDI ~ Coming Soon

Mar 6, 2019 by Tizian
26 Pokemon will battle it out for a special island dedicated to them.

The Pokemon:
Absol, The Disaster Pokemon.
Buneary, the Rabbit Pokemon.
Celebi, The Time Travel Pokemon.
Cubone, The Lonely Pokemon.
Cyndaquil, The Fire Mouse Pokemon.
Deerling, The Season Pokemon.
Eevee, The Evolution Pokemon.
Manaphy, The Seafaring Pokemon.
Marill, The Aqua Mouse Pokemon.
Oddish, The Weed Pokemon.
Oshawott, The Sea Otter Pokemon.
Pachirisu, The EleSquirrel Pokemon.
Pikachu, The Mouse Pokemon.
Piplup, the Penguin Pokemon.
Plusle and Minun, The Cheering Pokemon.
Shinx, The Flash Pokemon.
Smoochum, The Kiss Pokemon.
Squirtle, The Tiny Turtle Pokemon.
Starly, The Starling Pokemon.
Swablu, The Cotton Bird Pokemon.
Teddiursa, The Little Bear Pokemon.
Tepig, The Fire Pig Pokemon.
Togepi, The Spike Ball Pokemon.
Torchic, The Chick Pokemon.
Vulpix, The Fox Pokemon.

PYN your name to be tagged & comment your picks to win! <3


Smoochum and swablu hoe
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Mar 6, 2019
rooting for plusle and minun
Sent by Saftronbtr999,Mar 6, 2019
Tag me
Sent by MrBird,Mar 6, 2019
Pachirisu and Celebi double winners pewiodt
Sent by HaliFord,Mar 6, 2019
Squirtle wins. Period.
Sent by iYBF,Mar 6, 2019
I'm on team Buneary, Smoochum, Manaphy and Teddiursa.
If I had to pick one I would put my money on Manaphy!
Sent by UnicornChicken,Mar 6, 2019
Plusle and minun but if I had to pick something else

Sent by coolKat,Mar 6, 2019
Well... I don't really know who to pick.
Sent by Absol,Mar 6, 2019

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