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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games Story Chapter 4 (Finale)

Sep 25, 2018 by Tizian

District 2:
M: Mac Quartz Macda27

District 6:
F: Alicia Mendes Katherinee_

District 7:
M: Alex Herrera flamergamer8
F: Madison Herrera  #flamergamer8

District 8:
M: Dravius Aspen BrainJak
F: Marella "Mae" Ember-Carver xMountain22x

District 10:
F: Tristan Rosemary TR1364

District 12:
F: Amy Wright me2013


“Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.”
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Setting the scene, Mac has tackled Dravius and they struggle to entangle themselves and kill the other. Same can be said with Tristan and Marella, however Marella is more wide-eyed than anything. Tristan quickly stands and wields her spear defensively as the remaining tributes run up behind her. Marella is pushed by Tristan to move back but Amy tells her that she's with us and the enemy is Mac!

However behind the girls, Alicia fiddles with her knife next to Alex and Madison. As Dravius kicks off Mac and he goes to grab Marella, Alicia swiftly swings her knife, cutting into Alex's throat. Surprised and wide eyed, Alex falls to the ground as his throat bleeds horrendously. Madison screams, only to be silenced as Alicia tackles her and stabs her in the gut. Amy whips around, seeing the carnage. Alicia pulls the knife out, Madison screaming at the top of her lungs and trying to push Alicia off. Alicia raises her arms to end Madison but takes an Axe to the back of the head. Going limp, Alicia falls to the side as Amy looks worriedly over Madison. "I won't survive this... win..." Alicia murmurs.


Mac tackles Marella after being kicked off of Dravius. She squirms trying to get out of his grasp but it is not enough for him to dig a hatchet into her shoulder & chest. She screams, blood flying onto Mac. However arms wrap around Mac, reeling him back and throwing him to the ground. Dravius goes over to Marella, grabbing her hand as a tear stings his eye. "Marella, no!" He yells, seeing the life slowly leave her as she cries in pain and bleeds.

Mac brings up his sword, about to strike Dravius as he wasn't looking but is stopped by the hilt of a spear. Mac turns to have a boot kick him back from Tristan. Tristan lunges forward, going for his torso. Mac swivels out of the way, his balance failing him and the momentum makes him crash down onto Tristan. They tumble on the ground, the spear leaving her grasp as Tristan tries to free herself. Mac wrangles his hand around her throat, picking her up slightly and slamming her against the rocky floor. She gasps, grunting out a noise, fear and panic expressed on her face.

Mac tightens his grip, but leaps back suddenly to miss a swing of an axe. Amy arches back, lunging forward and swings again. Mac dodges late, the axe slicing his forearm open. He yelps, rearing back and holding his arm as it bleeds quickly. Mac holds his sword up defensively as Amy goes in again for another attack. As they duel, Dravius kisses Marella's forehead and he leaves her behind. He grips his sickle as charges at Mac who punched Amy onto the ground. Mac sees this from the corner of his eyes, and he dodges quickly, the swing of the sickle missing him by inches. As Dravius goes to arch back, Mac slices Dravius' shoulder open with his sword. Dravius yells, taking a few steps back to avoid any more damage.

Tristan is next, she dashes forward and jabs him in the side. Mac gasps, swinging down and cutting into Tristan's leg. She also gasps, reeling back and holds her thigh. Mac takes a step back as Amy stands back up, wielding her axe and takes a step toward Mac. Dravius, gaining some courage over his shoulder, holds up his sickle and takes a step towards Mac as Tristan holds up her spear defensively, stalking towards Mac.


A                M


(Approximate spots)

Mac watches them all stride toward him, anger and revenge stricken across their faces. "Listen, we're the last of us in the games. Ganging up on me will not make it better for you all to turn on each other after I die. Either turn now and kill the person next to you, making your chances better, or just turn on each other later and just hurt each other more." Mac spits, looking at them all while bleeding himself.

They all look each other before Amy lunges, swinging her axe downwards. Dravius and Tristan run up, Mac backs up and Tristan throws her spear. Mac ducks, the spear whizzing by and attaching itself to Dravius' abdomen. Tristan gasps, putting a hand to her mouth as Dravius drops. Mac looks over, smiling and laughing. "She knows what's up!" He yells, looking up only to have Amy imbed her axe into his leg. Mac screams, falling back. He starts crawling away as Amy approaches to end the deed. He puts a hand up, but it falls back down as Amy finally lands the final swing to his head.

Amy turns, spying Tristan near the edge of the cliff as she is still in shock. She takes another step, realizing she took too many and deters off the cliff. "Trist-"

But she's gone. Over the edge, falling. Amy can hear her screaming, it getting quieter as she falls more and a loud THUD can be heard. Amy takes a minute to breathe, looking around to see the carnage around her. Up ahead, Alex and Alicia's lifeless bodies lay. Alex's blood pools around his head, same as Alicia. Amy sees Madison, and tears spring to her eyes as the girl stops breathing.

Amy looks to her left, seeing the District 8 tributes a bit away from each other. Sweet Marella did nothing, and was taken from the world. Dravius was a protector, as it was bittersweet to see his accidental death. She then looks behind her and gazes at the dead career. "You caused all of this, you were too dangerous to keep around." She mutters as victory trumpets blare into the arena. "Congratulations, Amy Wright of District 12! You are the winner of the 32nd Hunger Games!" The announcer's voice bellows. Amy falls onto her back as she waits for the end of her time in this arena.

“Let them go, I tell myself. Say good-bye and forget them. I do my best, thinking of them one by one, releasing them like birds from the protective cages inside me, locking the doors against their return.”
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games


24th: D5 Isaac Achromic #Novamax243
23rd: D2 Emery Quartz #Macda27
22nd: D9 Zamboanga Rift #aria_grande
21st: D6 Josiah Millington #Logie56
20th: D1 May Mateo #pinkiepie512
19th: D12 Red #RedWing91
18th: D11 Melissa Moore #me2013
17th: D1 Luke Rays #pinkiepie512
16th: D11 Hoop Dancer #lhooper902976
15th: D4 Andrea Villania #Katherinee_
14th: D4 Archer Caspen #xMountain22x
13th: D9 Brenda Barowski #MizCrackHead
12th: D3 Angel Arkwright #Symmetry888
11th: D3 Kiersten Southwick #Logie56
10th: D10 Raymos Thompson #TR1364
9th: D5 Melody Saphir #Novamax243
8th: D7 Alex Herrera #flamergamer8
7th: D6 Alicia Mendes #Katherinee_
6th: D8 Marella "Mae" Ember-Carver #xMountain22x
5th: D8 Dravius Aspen #BrainJak
4th: D2 Mac Quartz #Macda27
3rd: D10 Tristan Rosemary #TR1364
2nd: D7 Madison Herrera  #flamergamer8
Winner: D12 Amy Wright #me2013


Thank you all for reading! I hope you all enjoyed the ending & fighting, maybe I will do another. Time will tell!


Omg I won!
Sent by me2013,Sep 25, 2018
Great story
Sent by me2013,Sep 25, 2018
Mac was robbed but honestly what a king
Sent by Macda27,Sep 25, 2018
Siblings were close lol good story man great read!
Sent by flamergamer8,Sep 25, 2018
honestly robbed! I loved the story
Sent by Katherinee_,Sep 25, 2018
............ Okay I have no issue with Dravius' placement XD but uhhhhhhhhh Mac was backing away from everyone. Dravius was moving after him. How exactly did Tristan's spear go PAST Mac and hit Dravius? LOL The only way would've been if Tristan was AIMING for Dravius so that wouldn't be accidental xD I think??? Like I said not pissed at Dravius' death but still I'm confused how that happened LMAO
Sent by BrainJak,Sep 27, 2018

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