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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games Story Chapter 3

Sep 17, 2018 by Tizian

District 2:
M: Mac Quartz Macda27

District 3:
M: Angel Arkwright Symmetry888
F: Kiersten Southwick Logie56

District 4:
M: Archer Caspen xMountain22x
F: Andrea Villania Katherinee_

District 5:
F: Melody Saphir Novamax243

District 6:
F: Alicia Mendes #Katherinee_

District 7:
M: Alex Herrera flamergamer8
F: Madison Herrera  #flamergamer8

District 8:
M: Dravius Aspen BrainJak
F: Marella "Mae" Ember-Carver #xMountain22x

District 9:
F: Brenda Barowski MizCrackHead

District 10:
M: Raymos Thompson TR1364
F: Tristan Rosemary #TR1364

District 12:
F: Amy Wright me2013


“Stupid people are dangerous.”
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

On top of the cliff, Brenda, Dravius, Marella, Kiersten, and an unconscious Angel are figuring what to do. The careers, Andrea, Archer, and Mac have spotted them and start rushing up on them. Brenda looks around and sees a steep path going up the mountain that they'll have to climb one ledge at a time. "Up there, quickly!" Brenda starts shoving Dravius and Marella over to the pathway as Kiersten starts dragging Angel slowly. Dravius boosts Marella up, who starts climbing quickly followed by Dravius.

Kiersten struggles to drag Angel to the pathway. The careers are closing in quick, and Brenda is torn. Will she leave D3 behind and they'll more than likely die, or fend the careers off as Kiersten magically carries Angel up the pathway. Brenda turns, seeing Kiersten frantically using all her might to drag him. She turns back to have an arrow whizz past her head and hit Kiersten in the shoulder. She screams, falling down from the pain. Brenda shakes her head, turning and grabbing one of her hatchets. Mac is a few feet away, Archer with his spear staggering behind him and Andrea standing back to shoot more arrows.

Brenda arches back, quickly throwing the hatchet at in the careers direction. Mac ducks, Archer dodges, and Andrea has no time as the hatchet strikes her in the head, knocking her to the ground in defeat. Mac rages, rushing up and taking a strike at Brenda. Brenda unsheathes her axe and blocks the strike, countering by kicking him in the stomach and pushing him away. Archer lunges, thrusting into her torso. She only has enough time to dodge it slightly, the spear raking the side of her body. She bellows, reacting by swinging her axe and slamming it into his head, ending him swiftly.

Mac takes his time to stagger, finding a good time to attack and does it. He swings his sword, connecting with the side Archer hit. This causes Brenda to go down to the ground, shocked of the damage she has taken. Mac ends her by thrusting his sword downwards into her chest. Brenda rasps some breaths, soon coming to a stop. Fighting valiantly, she was able to open a window of time for Kiersten to recuperate and start carrying Angel up the pathway.

Dravius and Marella reach the end of the steepness as the path straightens out and look down to see Kiersten and Angel almost halfway up the ledges. At the bottom, Mac can be seen, a sword drawn and Brenda's axe sheathed onto his backpack. With the arrow, Kiersten is slowly maneuvering up the ledges. "She isn't going to make it.." Marella murmurs, seeing Mac climb up quite faster than Kiersten. Marella turns and starts climbing back down to grab Kiersten. "Kiersten, drop Angel! You have to!" Dravius yells, looking down and trying to offer some help.

Kiersten looks up, "I can't! We made a promise to each other to never-"
Mac's sword pierces through her chest, abruptly stopping her monologue and causing her to lose her grip, sending her and Angel spiraling down the ledges. They both crack against the rock ledges before hitting the clifftop hard.

Mac looks up to see Marella skittering around and scurrying back up. "Y'all fuckers are next, you here me!" He yells, making his way up angrily. Dravius grabs onto Marella, pulling her up and they start running down the path, with an enraged Mac slowly following them.



On the other side of the mountain, Alicia and Raymos can be seen on a cliffside. Alicia turns around, listening at the cannons. "... fuck 5? What the hell is happening..." She turns back around, and before the duo is a gap in the clifftops that they need to cross. The only way to do so is via climbing across and jumping across distant ledges. Alicia sighs, "This shouldn't be.. so hard, right?" She questions, looking at him. He shrugs, testing the first ledge and it cracks a bit. He applies more pressure, and the whole ledge cracks, some of it falling apart and falling into the abyss. "Okay.. very unstable. Does not look so good." Raymos mutters, sighing. "Is there another way around?" He questions looking around for any more pathways.

Suddenly, the mountain starts quaking, rumbling and sending the duo onto the clifftop. "What the hell..." Alicia mutters, looking up to see something horrific.

A humungous chunk of rock from the top of the mountain breaks off, colliding with the mountain and breaking into smaller chunks and dirt. "Oh.. shit. We'll miss the rockslide if we cross this canyon, come on Raymos!" Alicia spits, turning back and jumping onto the first broken ledge. It cracks more, but stays intact. The next ledge is a bit higher, so she leaps up, grabbing the far side on top of the ledge and pulling herself up. She turns back to help Raymos, but sees an ungodly amount of people rushing towards the canyon.

Raymos turns to see Amy, Tristan, Melody, Alex, and Madison barreling towards the canyon as they have the same idea to cross quickly. Raymos gasps, seeing Tristan. "Tristan! Oh my god!" He exclaims, limping up and embracing Tristan. "Oh my god I thought those cannons were you!" Tristan says, backing up and looking up at him. Amy reaches the ledges, looking across while the rest of the pack catches up. "We have to go over now, we are wasting time with catch up time" Alicia says, turning around and hopping onto the next ledge.

Amy is next to go, leaping straight for the second ledge. She grabs onto it, pulling herself shortly and turns back, "Maddie you're next let's go!" She barks, encouraging the others to hurry the fuck up. Madison nods, taking a few steps back and runs, jumping and lands in Amy's arms. Amy pulls her up and tells her to keep going and follow Alicia, who is four ledges ahead. Madison nods, falling down onto the third ledge. Amy then proceeds to help Melody and Tristan next, then allows the boys to go. She helps Alex first, leaving Raymos last. Raymos takes a few steps back, and then goes into a run and jump-

However he is stopped as a large chunk of rock crashes into him, throwing him into the abyss. He screams as he descends into darkness forever. This shock causes Amy to lose her balance and she slips halfway off the ledge. Tristan turns, watching Raymos fall into the abyss. "NOO! RAYMOS!" She screams, tears starting to form in her eyes as she watches her district partner fall into the abyss. "Go, now!!" Alex yells, encouraging Melody and Tristan to go. "Tristan, go! We don't have time!" Melody screeches, catching Tristan's attention. She nods, turning and leaping to the next ledge.

Shortly this continues, tributes jumping from ledge to ledge and carefully watching the rocks falling down. Alicia reaches the second to last ledge, and goes to jump on it but a large boulder drops onto it, breaking it from the wall and only leaving a smaller foothold. Alicia's momentum screws her over, she loses her balance and falls forward. She quickly grabs onto the foothold for dear life, swinging around a bit. Madison reaches her shortly, reaching down and offering her hand. Alicia looks over, reaching and grabbing onto Madison. Madison pulls back, pulling Alicia who grabs onto the ledge and gasps a sigh of relief, thanking Madison.

Madison nods, moving past her, pushing off the ledge and jumping to the end of the canyon, which she rolls onto. She turns around and catches Alicia who follows her lead. A few ledges remain and boulders are still falling onto the tributes. A small rock collides with Tristan's head, she stumbles off the ledge but Melody grabbed her wrist, saving her from a deadly fall. Tristan thanks her, and the two girls get to the next ledge. Tristan jumps to the second to last ledge, and turns back to help Melody. Melody looks at Tristan but hears something and glances up. She screams, putting her arms up as three boulders simultaneously crash into Melody, the momentum pushing her off the ledge as well. "NOO!" Madison screams as Tristan gasps, putting a hand to her mouth. Alex reaches the next ledge and sees Melody in no sight. "Where did she go?!" He screams, turning to get a glimpse of her falling into the darkness. He gasps, turning ang putting a hand to his mouth.

At the same, a boulder grazes over Alex's head and clips the ledge as it falls down. It was enough force to break a wedge of rock off the ledge, but throws Alex a few feet into the air. "ALEX!!" Madison yells as the wedge falls, leaving a small foothold for Alex to land on. He lands one foot on, but loses his balance and falls forward. However Amy grabs his arm, swinging him around to her ledge where he lands halfway onto. Alex breathes heavily as Amy helps him up to his feet. "Follow my lead!" She yells, turning and landing one foot off the foothold and onto the second to last wedge. She turns and waits for Alex, who copies her and makes it to the ledge. "Come on, there is a huge chunk coming!" Tristan yells, pointing up as a chunk of rock barrels towards them. "Same thing, go!" Amy yells, bursting off the ledge, leaping off the foothold, and lands on the other side.

Alex follows in suit, however he lands his foot on the foothold correctly and spins to the left onto the edge of the canyon. Madison and Alicia grab his hand and arm respectively before he can fall into the abyss, the big chunk flies past them with inches to spare. Sighing with relief, Madison and Alicia pull him up onto the clifftop and he collapses to the ground, taking in deep breathes.

Madison follows, sitting down next to him. "Holy shit, these Gamemakers are fuckin' ruthless." She mutters, shaking her head and looks over her brother. Amy looks over Tristan, who pushes her off. "I need to breathe. That was my best friend." She spits, looking at Amy and walking down the path. Amy nods, sighing and turning back and faces Alicia. "District 6, right?" She inquires, putting her hands on her hips. "Yeah. Name's Alicia." Alicia responds, nodding to her and folding her arms. and looking away. Amy examines her before turning and facing the siblings. She walks over to them, and embraces them. "I'm... sorry. About Melody. She was a great ally from what I could see..." She whispers, looking at both of them.

"Yeah.. for the few hours I knew her, she was so nice.. and helpful. We were all the same. We're weak, but loveable characters. We're not going to survive... and when we don't, I hope it's you." Madison whispers, looking up at Amy and smiles. Alex looks up at Amy, sighing and nodding his head. "Ditto." He murmurs, and Amy looks at both of them and nods. "Well I hope it never gets to that point.. at least till the end, okay?-"

Cutting her off and a guttural scream coming from Tristan. Amy turns, taking out her axe as Alicia takes out her knife and start hurrying towards Tristan. Alex and Madison help each other up and start running after the others. Amy and Alicia come to a stop as they gaze upon Tristan on the floor, entangled with a bleeding Marella and a Dravius holding his sickle up defensively, his shoulder slashed and bleeding into his shirt. Alex and Madison run up in time to see Mac come out and tackle Dravius, dangerously close to the edge of the cliff.

“Here's some advice. Stay alive.”
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games


24th: D5 Isaac Achromic #Novamax243
23rd: D2 Emery Quartz #Macda27
22nd: D9 Zamboanga Rift #aria_grande
21st: D6 Josiah Millington #Logie56
20th: D1 May Mateo #pinkiepie512
19th: D12 Red #RedWing91
18th: D11 Melissa Moore #me2013
17th: D1 Luke Rays #pinkiepie512
16th: D11 Hoop Dancer #lhooper902976
15th: Andrea Villania #Katherinee_
14th: Archer Caspen #xMountain22x
13th: Brenda Barowski #MizCrackHead
12th: Angel Arkwright #Symmetry888
11th: Kiersten Southwick #Logie56
10th: Raymos Thompson #TR1364
9th: Melody Saphir #Novamax243


Thanks for everyone who read through! If you have a favorite moment, favorite tribute, or any other comments, please post! If you are a reader, please PYN and I'll keep tagging you in the future! Thank you all!


Damn a lot of deaths! Survived the siblings have lasted this long haha, hope they aren't in the F2 together though :/ that will be a tough read
Sent by flamergamer8,Sep 17, 2018
YASS KING MAC 👑 What a fierce boi
Sent by Macda27,Sep 17, 2018
Damn Tristan attacking Dravius like that lol
Sent by BrainJak,Sep 18, 2018
Brenda robbed queen </3
Still love it though
Sent by MizCrackHead,Sep 18, 2018
Andrea was robbed!!
Sent by Katherinee_,Sep 18, 2018
Damn, how's Marella alive? That plot twist though. And Breda def robbed. :( Damn, what's gonna happen to Dravius? who knows haha. keep up the great work (Also, I like Marella way more than Archer, so idc haha)
Sent by xMountain22x,Sep 18, 2018

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