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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Games Story Chapter 1

Sep 9, 2018 by Tizian
(Warning: Long but hopefully interesting story!)


District 1:
M: May Mateo pinkiepie512
F: Luke Rays #pinkiepie512

District 2:
M: Mac Quartz Macda27
F: Emery Quartz #Macda27

District 3:
M: Angel Arkwright Symmetry888
F: Kiersten Southwick Logie56

District 4:
M: Archer Caspen xMountain22x
F: Andrea Villania Katherinee_

District 5:
M: Isaac Achromic Novamax243
F: Melody Saphir #Novamax243

District 6:
M: Josiah Millington #Logie56
F: Alicia Mendes #Katherinee_

District 7:
M: Alex Herrera flamergamer8
F: Madison Herrera  #flamergamer8

District 8:
M: Dravius Aspen BrainJak
F: Marella "Mae" Ember-Carver #xMountain22x

District 9:
M: Zamboanga Rift aria_grande
F: Brenda Barowski MizCrackHead

District 10:
M: Raymos Thompson TR1364
F: Tristan Rosemary #TR1364

District 11:
M: Hoop Dancer lhooper902976
F: Melissa Moore me2013

District 12:
M: Red RedWing91
F: Amy Wright #me2013

“Kind people have a way of working their way inside me and rooting there.”
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

*Scene zooms in on a boy and girl hugging each other in a fancy looking room.*

The girl sniffs, rubbing her nose and breaking away from the boy. "Maddie... what do we do?" The boy nervously says, trying to look in her eyes for help. The girl scuffles out of his grip and takes a few steps away, turning away from him. "I...I don't know, okay. Out of about a thousand kids, we get chosen?" she turns to face him now, "Are you fucking kidding me? What are the odds!"
"In your favor, that's what." Comes a voice from a tall woman who enters the room. "Nye we don't need this right now..." The boy murmurs, looking up at her with a tear in his eye. Nye looks at them, walking up and slapping the boy. "Alex, pull yourself together, you too Madison!" Nye booms, looking at them and shaking her head. "District 7 hasn't won in years and I'm sick of it. You two are winning, okay?... one of you at least." She looks at both of them, scolding and walking out. Madison and Alex look at each other and sigh.


Later that day, all tributes are reported to the training room.

The tributes can be seen practicing.


Melissa enters her pod, letting out a deep breath before turning to her Stylist, Filpin. She nods, smiling to him and thanking him. "It was, well, my pleasure.. my bets are on you." He says, crossing his hands and smiles back. Melissa's pod starts moving up, and she takes nervous glances towards Filpin as she moves up and he goes out of sight.

The pod goes dark, moving up slowly and the mechanical noise hums. Melissa steadies herself as light start leaking into the pod and envelops it.


All the tributes feel a cool mid-morning breeze as the pods finally rise to their extent, revealing the lush forestry overgrowth behind the tributes.

"Happy Hunger Games... and may the odds be in your favor."

A loud noise erupts, and the tributes bolt off their pedestals.

On her heels, Tristan sprints into the cornucopia and hides behind a few crates. Next to her she spots a bag and snatches it quickly. She spies over and sees a sickle and grabs that as well.

Melissa quickly grabs a bag not too far from her but slams into Andrea as she went for the same bag. Melissa grabs hold of the handle while Andrea tugs on one of the straps. They have a struggle until Melissa's district partner Hoop powerkicks Andrea stumbling. He then swings the bag he grabbed and connects with her head, knocking her to the ground. Hoop turns, grabbing onto Melissa and pulling her out of the corn, but first stopping and grabbing a hunting knife and a flask.

While this happens, Angel is on the outskirts of the corn grabbing two bags and filling them with stuff around his pedestal, soon running into the forest. Archer simply skims the fray, grabbing a bag and a knife while everyone else scrams around.

Josiah and Raymos both knock into each other, dropping their supplies but too scared to pick them up in front of each other. They both bolt into the forest after picking up something small.

Alicia and Luke pool together some supplies, however behind her back Luke pushes Alicia, grabbing some of her stuff and running into the forest.

Melody is seen grabbing a set of knives and a spear and books it to the forest. Grabbing their own weapons, Madison follows her along with Alex who only picked up a bag.

Kiersten and Mae have the same outcome as Raymos and Josiah, fighting over some supplies and running into the forest.

Brenda, Dravius, and Emery are grabbing weapons. Brenda grabs an axe, hatchets, and a bag and runs. Dravius is at the mouth of the corn grabbing a trident and a sickle. However he is jumped by Mac and May, who have a mace and sword respectively. Dravius rolls over to dodge a swing from Mac, but is slashed on his forearm by May. He gets to his feet, throwing his trident swiftly. May and Mac duck, the trident whizzing past Mac and planting itself into Isaac's chest. Isaac has his axe up in the air ready to swing down on Mac, but will never live to finish the deed. Isaac falls onto his back, dying shortly.

Dravius' eyes widen and he quickly turns on his heels and books it. May nods to Mac and runs after him.

Emery grabs a bow, seeing her targets, Red, Andrea, and Zamboanga running around scavenging for supplies. Red is closest and she aims but is cut off by Amy swinging an axe through the arrow, breaking it and stopping Emery. Emery, out of shock, goes to grab her knife she picked up but is swiftly ended by a swing to the throat by Amy. Mac runs around the corn to see Emery on the ground, slowly dying out and Amy stands beside her. Enraged, Mac starts running and prepares to attack Amy. However, Tristan kicks a crate and it collides against Mac's side, knocking him down and causing him to lose his breath. Amy looks to Tristan, nodding to her and telling her to run. Tristan nods and the two exit the corn and run to the forest.

Mac gets up, watching the girls escape and and kicks the crate. He picks up a spear, spotting the three straggles still scoping the cornucopia for supplies. He takes a stance and throws the spear. It flies through the air and impales Zamboanga through the back. He falls to his knees as Andrea and Red escape the cornucopia.

As Mac turns to check on Emery, Alicia gets up, grabbing the last bag, a medkit, a knife, and books it to the forest. Mac turns to see her running away, shaking his head and turns back to Emery. She slowly goes limp, closing her eyes and turns away. Mac starts crying, hitting the crate next to him. Soon, Archer, May, Luke, Andrea, and Raymos come back to the cornucopia and huddle around Mac. Mac looks up at them, nodding to them. "Well... this is the Career pack... hopefully we can avoid shit like this." He nods to Emery, standing up and taking a few steps away to breath. The group looks at each other, nodding along and hold their weapons close.


Stopping in a tunnel, Melody, Madison, and Alex take time to rest and catch their breath. "So, ... is this it?" Melody whispers in between ragged breaths. "No, we also have District 3 and 8. I didn't get a good look but I think I saw Angel and Kiersten running south along with the District 8 girl." Alex says, wiping some sweat off of himself and looks around. "I hope Isaac got out... we need to find him as well." Madison nods, however suddenly the group can hear some footsteps closing in. "Shit, get down!" Alex whispers, ducking down and hiding in the brush tunnel.

Brenda runs off the path and stops a few feet in the tunnel, only a few steps between herself and the hiding girls. She sighs, catching her breath and fastening her weapons onto her belt. She checks her bag, opening it up to see she got an apple, half a loaf of bread, and a flask. "Perfect, holy shit it isn't shit like every year." She says, closing her eyes and thanking the Gamemakers. She takes a swig of the water and then puts everything back in the bag. Madison tries to hold in her breaths, scared out of her mind. Brenda hears this, unsheathing her axe and looks around. "Alright who the hell is here? I'm not playing no games!"

Brenda swings her axe into the tunnel, about a foot above Madison. Melody and Alex jump out, waving their hands to stop. "Stop, stop!!" Alex says, catching Brenda's attention and she moves away from Madison. Seeing her time, Madison bursts out from the foliage and misses a strike from Brenda. "What the-" Brenda says, taking a few steps back as Madison falls into Alex's arms. "... Oh. The siblings from 7, and the girl from 5. You all together...?" She points her axe at them, taking a step back. Melody looks at the others and nods. "Yes.. we mean no h-"
"DUCK!" Brenda yells, arching back and throwing her axe at the trio. They duck, turning around to see the axe sinking itself into Josiah's upper torso. The momentum pushes him onto the ground, his knife falling to the ground as he takes his last breaths. Brenda looks at the group, hurrying over and removing the axe from his body. She looks back at the group, "You owe me." She hears some commotion and starts running away.

The trio look at each other and suddenly hear the boom of a cannon, followed by 3 more. "Only 4 died? Jesus this game is going to be long..." Melody murmurs. They start hurrying down the tunnel and down a path.


Amy and Tristan are seen running down a path, cutting through tree lines and brush. They can hear other running but don't know if it is the careers or not. Tristan close behind Amy as they trudge through the overgrowth. They see a slope and start running towards it, but are accidentally ran over by Hoop and Melissa who are running in the same direction. They collide, disorientated and their momentum throws them down the slope. They tumble down, losing some supplies as their flail down the hill. After a few seconds the quad drop onto a path below.

Hoop is the first one up, grabbing the hunting knife and helps Melissa to her feet. Amy and Tristan stand, Tristan holding her spear and Amy holding her axe. They have a stand off and look at each other before Amy lowers her axe. She puts a hand on Tristan, who looks at her and lowers her spear. Hoop and Melissa look at each other and back at the girls. "So... I call this an alliance?" Melissa inquires, holding her bag close and stands behind Hoop. "I think so too. Those careers are dangerous and we shouldn't fight each other and do their dirty work to get them closer to the end and to overpower us." Amy says, looking at them both.

Hoop nods, looking at Melissa and holds his hand out to her. Amy looks at it, and shakes his hand. The group nods to each other before Tristan looks around, "We should either keep moving or find someplace safe. We weren't loud tumbling down that hill." The group nods, continuing to hurry down the path they've found themselves on.


At a stream, Marella is tending to Dravius' wound. She runs it under the running water and Dravius holds in his grunts. She uses the medkit she grabbed and stitches Dravius up, proceeding to wrap the slash soon after. "You need to be careful. These careers will probably target us sooner or later." Marella whispers, looking at him then back down at the bandaging. Dravius looks up at her, thinking to himself then nods. He surprises her by hugging her, thanking her. She pulls back, smiling. "It's what district partners do."

Suddenly, Angel jumps down from the top of the steam bank and tries to catch his breath. "What's wr-" Marella goes to say before she is cut off by Kiersten's scream as she tumbles off the bank and falling into the stream. "RUN, CAREERS!" She yells, stumbling to her feet and running onto the other side of the stream and into the woods. Angel grabs his stuff he left there and follows after her. Dravius and Marella look at each other before they get up and run after District 3. After they enter the foliage, Mac, Andrea, and Archer scan the area as the rest of the pack, May, Luke, and Raymos follow up. "The girl yelled at someone, there was more people here. They just entered that way!" Andrea yells, pointing in the direction of where Dravius and Marella ran into. The group nods, jumping or running through the stream and into the foliage in pursuit.


Drinking from a river, Alicia breaths a few sighs of relief as she finally thinks she is alone. However, a loud sound of footsteps and screaming is heard. Alicia puts the contents of her bag, a flash, rope, and crackers, back in and straps the medkit to the bag. She trudges through the river, using her knife to help climb up a tall tree. When she gets to a stable branch that hides her well, she looks over to the other side of the river, seeing Kiersten and Angel run into the clearing and towards the water. She squints, seeing them talk to each other frantically. Their heads swivel to the treeline they ran out of, and soon the duo run down the riverside.

Alicia raises a brow, knowing where they are going. Some brush movement and she turns back to the treeline and sees Marella and Dravius, looking around wildly. Alicia looks into the trees after hearing the sounds of excited screaming coming from the Career pack. "Oh shit... HEY! OVER HERE! RUN DOWN THE RIVERSIDE!" She yells, coming out of her hiding spot and pointing to where the D3 tributes ran. Marella and Dravius nod at Alicia and start sprinting down the riverside.

Out of the treeline bursts the Careers, Mac, Andrea, and Archer out in front. Mac points out the D8 tributes but Archer points to Alicia in the tree, who is now scrambling down. As the last 3 of the pack run out, Mac yells for them to kill Alicia on the other side of the river. Raymos, Luke, and May nod, starting to trudge into the water as Alicia jumps down and runs deeper into the forest. Mac, Andrea, and Archer then start running down the riverside.

Marella and Dravius are scrambling down the riverside. "Why did she tell us to come this way?!" Marella yells, running for her life alongside Dravius. "I don't know, but look!" He points to the District 3 tributes, Kiersten and Angel, look at each other, holding hand and jumping off what looks like to be a cliff. "NO!" Dravius yells, hurrying over to the cliff side. They come to a stop and look over to see the duo fall into the water below. "We're at a waterfall!" Marella shouts, pointing to the river water going over the cliff. Dravius turns to see the split Careers closing in on them. Andrea starts slowing down as she unsheathes Emery's bow. Archer and Mac move away and Andrea starts lining up a shot. "Now or never!" Andrea fires the arrow as Dravius grabs Marella's hand and pulls her over the cliff.

They float their way down, the wind brushing their bodies as they drop two hundred feet, crashing into the water below. Dravius loses his breath, coming up for air immediately. He looks around, looking for Marella. Kiersten and Angel are at shore and are telling them to hurry! Dravius looks at the top of the waterfall to see Archer and Mac look down and soon to be Andrea. Andrea grabs another arrow and starts lining up another shot towards him. "Sh-Shit! Marella!!" He yells, diving under to avoid Andrea's arrow. Marella, however, soon breaches, frantically looking around. She looks up to see Andrea aiming straight for her. She screams, diving back down as Andrea fires. It hits the water, but seemingly missed. Andrea goes for another but Mac stops her.

Dravius breaches, quickly swimming towards Kiersten and Angel. He quickly gets to shore and looks back. "MARELLA!" He screams, scanning the water. Angel grabs his arm and tells him they have to go, Andrea shot at Marella as she dived down she might have been hit. Dravius shakes his head, breaking away from his grasp and looks back to the water. Angel looks at Kiersten, then proceed to rush into the forest. After a few seconds, Marella finally breaks the surface, swimming over to shore. "Now!" Dravius hears Mac yell, and an arrow flies through the air narrowly missing Marella. "Hurry!!" Dravius yells, deciding to get into the water and drag Marella out. Andrea shoots another but it chips Dravius' shoulder, cutting it. He finally pulls Marella out of the water and into the forest.

Andrea lowers the bow. "Fuckin' hell..." Archer pats her on the back saying she did great, just need some practice. Andrea nods to him and they turn to Mac. "Do we follow?" Andrea says, and Mac shakes his head. "It's starting to get dark, and the other idiots haven't killed the girl yet." Mac says, shaking his head and starts running back up the riverside. Andrea and Archer look at each other before following.

Out of the shadows at the bottom of the waterfall, Red looks at where D3 and D8 ran into. He slowly creeps and follows them.


Alicia is quickly running through the trees, avoiding fallen trees and brush. She glances behind her to see the three careers chasing after her. They are far behind but are gaining ground. Alicia frantically looks around to see where else she could go. She pulls out her knife and takes a right into some foliage, disguising herself for a moment. She quickly shimmies up a tall tree, using her knife to propel her up faster. Luke, May, and Raymos finally catch up after a few minutes and looks around. "The fuck did that little snitch go?" Luke yells, trying to catch his breath in the process. May scans the ground and sees a boot imprint going towards the foliage. "There!" She exclaims, running through and looking around.

Luke follows her in, however Raymos looks above and sees her in the tree. Alicia locks eyes with him and shakes her head crazily. Raymos gulps, gripping his spear as he looks up at her. Luke quickly walks out, "What the hell are you doing standing there, we have to-" He frowns, and follows his gaze to the treetop. He gasps, "May, she's in the tree!" He yells, looking back at Raymos and nodding. Luke rushes back into the foliage and towards the tree. Alicia shakes her head, a tear falling down. Down below May and Luke start ascending the tree. Alicia looks down, then back to her bag. She pulls out the rope, tying it around her torso and then fastening it to the branch. May is climbing faster than Luke as he is a few feet below her.

Seeing this as her opportunity, Alicia grabs her knife and jumps, landing on May's back. May, straight up confused and now quickly concerned, starts swinging her knife behind her. However, Alicia quickly stabs May's hand that is holding onto the tree. She screams, letting go, losing her balance and falling down to the ground. A tree stump awaits her down below, her body falling on it and breaking her back. Luke looks back, gasping and jumps down. "May, MAY!" He starts shaking her but she lets out some breaths and is gone. Raymos enters the scene and gasps, "We have.. to go. We'll get her another time." He says, looking down. Luke grabs his sword and swings, cutting into Raymos' knee. "You did nothing to prevent this, or to help! You are nothing!" Luke proceeds to punch him, knocking him down and runs away.

May's cannon soon bellows as night starts ascending quick. Raymos looks up at the tree to see Alicia hanging from the rope. She gives him a glare before swinging over to a branch and climbing back up. Due to the shock, Raymos quietly goes unconscious.

“Destroying things is much easier than making them.”
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games


24th: D5 Isaac Achromic #Novamax243
23rd: D2 Emery Quartz #Macda27
22nd: D9 Zamboanga Rift #aria_grande
21st: D6 Josiah Millington #Logie56
20th: D1 May Mateo #pinkiepie512


Thanks for everyone who read through! I spent awhile writing all of this, I was so eager to start! I just want to apologize to the deceased, decides the events that unfolded (who grabbed weapons, who grabbed supplies, who started fights, etc.).

If you have a favorite moment, favorite tribute, or any other comments, please post! If you are a reader, please PYN and I'll keep tagging you in the future! Thank you all!


Okay I'm in love with some of these Characters
Sent by BrainJak,Sep 9, 2018
Ok RIP me getting the first death. Melody ftw then. XD
Sent by Novamax243,Sep 9, 2018
Oh my goodness, absolutely love this story! I'm sad Josiah died, but at least Kiersten made it through the first day! :P
Sent by Logie56,Sep 10, 2018
Great start, not sure why I didnt get a notification
Sent by me2013,Sep 12, 2018
this is so interesting OMG why the tag didnt work?? I would have read it sooner
Sent by Katherinee_,Sep 16, 2018
This was AWESOME! AGHH Thanks for this :)))
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