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Hot take that might make hag fans mad

Nov 30, 2020 by Timster
Shelly Moore is not more "underrated" than Kalia and Porsche. In fact fans overrate her!

She gets WAY too much credit for simply evicting Jeff when she was the deciding vote. If it wasn't for Kalia/Porsche winning shit she'd never be in the position! And I'm convinced if she won HOH she wouldn't have made that move either. She'd put up Kalia/Porsche. Go to the final 4 with Jordan/Adam/Rachel/Jeff and flop into oblivion when comp beast Rachel gives her 5th/4th/3rd. She wasn't playing to win. She was playing to make it as far as possible with her faves. She had no choice but to cut a fave at that point. No matter who she evicted whether it was Jeff or Rachel she was going to take out a huge threat. And that move wouldn't be possible without Booker and Briggs.

Have a good night. 🥰


is this because of peridiam's video bestie
Sent by KingGeek,Nov 30, 2020
kinggeek you got me
Sent by Timster,Nov 30, 2020
..or Dani galvanizing them
Sent by Brayden_,Nov 30, 2020
Timster this is the same argument I use about why Danielle Reyes is overrated as a player (not as a character) as she clearly was playing to get to the end with Jason, who would have mopped the floor with her with or without aired diary rooms. The fact that people cry robbed has more to do with Lisa winning final HOH than anything.
Sent by Olympia,Nov 30, 2020
olympia drag ha! She'd agree too she always defends Lisa on Twitter lol.
Sent by Timster,Nov 30, 2020

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