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Oct 18, 2020 by Timster

It started with 14 I was one of the last picked as usual. Someone named James spawned a SUPER IDOL. I HUNTED and found a regular idol and a fake idol. My team won the challenge. Then a mutiny twist happened which fucked up my tribe dynamics. I didn't have allys but we were all planning on sticking together come merge. I'm now on a small tribe of 4. 2 vs 2. We lose but then someone quits. Then another swap happens. We win.


At this point I aligned with Jacob who was not on my original tribe but we aligned at the first swap. That's it. I couldn't keep track of people anymore it got confusing.

I target James because he spawned yet ANOTHER advantage in the game and instantly started to search I knew he was a threat. I rally Jacob to vote with me. But then I ask Brazil (from my OG tribe) and he wants to vote out Jack. I say whatever and vote with Jacob as it's too late. Jacob also lets me know he has a VOTE STEALER advantage.

the vote is 3-2-2 I ALMOST GET MYSELF VOTED OUT BY VOTING WITH JACOB but Jack goes home.

Jacob wins immunity. I tell EVERYONE this time we need to vote out Jack again. I PLAY MY IDOL AND GET 1 VOTE CAST AGAINST ME >:( I forgot who went home.

Next round I win immunity

I tell Jacob to play his advantage and we need to take out Jack. Jacob plays his vote stealer on Jack and James goes home 6-0.

SURPRISE DOUBLE TRIBAL COUNCIL. We instantly have to vote again.


Both my allys after each other. I vote with Jacob to take out Brazil but idk if the game GLITCHED or if I misclicked... but Jacob went home 3-1-1? It was weird. Jacob says nice blindside and says he knows it was me. I felt SO BAD. I didn't vote him I don't think idk what happened.

FINAL 4 i'm fucked. This random noob Betty wins immunity.

I message Brazil "hey lets vote together one last time and take out Harry?" NO RESPONSE. I know i'm screwed. I instantly whisper to Harry & Betty "We need to vote out Brazil he's running the game I think he's gonna win" Betty and Harry BOTH RESPOND FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL GAME AND AGREE WITH ME.

THEN BRAZIL RANDOMLY RESPONDS TO ME SAYING "hey vote me I want to make it look like I threw my vote" idk what he was trying to do.. but he goes home 4-0 LMFAO

I get both jury votes from Brazil & James and win basically every award except most tribal immunity wins & something else. I WIN 6-2-0

It was a wacky topsy turvy game I really enjoy playing with random people. Idk why you losers sit on skype call all day playing w/ the same people with the same outcome.


the way this deserved so much and got so little
Sent by Christian_,Oct 18, 2020
christian_ my flame is dying. Everyone is an olympia fan now
Sent by Timster,Oct 18, 2020

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