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I just remembered men have to get

Sep 13, 2020 by Timster
Their ANUS DESTROYED by a doctor's finger at 50. I'm so embarrassed at the thought of this. Doctor walks in and greets. You make eye contact, small talk with them before they see your BUTTHOLE and potentially see YOUR SHIT on their glove.


make sure to douche
Sent by Dash,Sep 13, 2020
it's such a shitty situation
Sent by PoohSnap,Sep 13, 2020
Sounds fun
Sent by BBlover96,Sep 13, 2020
Sent by mastropola,Sep 13, 2020
Just don鈥檛 eat for a few days before you go.
Sent by Letal,Sep 13, 2020
letal ok I'll make sure to remember this in 25ish years.
Sent by Timster,Sep 13, 2020
dash but won't it make your butthole LOOSE? The doctor will assume I did the nasty beforehand and judge me!
Sent by Timster,Sep 13, 2020
Sent by Darbe,Sep 13, 2020

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