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Imagine being mad at production

Nov 14, 2019 by Timster
Twitter is something else. Be mad at Dan, or even Missy and Liz (we can't speak on that cause we all did messy shit to get ahead in group games and frooks let alone a million bucks oop).

But why in the world are people trying to flip this on production saying they did nothing and even made Dan the victim? That is FAR from true. Dan got DRAGGED, if you were him you wouldn't think that was a sympathetic edit. Them rightfully showing his opinion on him being the main topic of conversation at the end was just done to show his view and he has a right to express it as he was the main part of the situation.

Production did everything right in this situation including showing all sides of the situation.

Be mad at the players. If CBS catches wind we are back to Second Chance style full gameplay edit with no characterization. Bye

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