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Omg for once I didn't have a lazy Saturday

Nov 9, 2019 by Timster
Idk what it is about Saturdays but I can't do ANYTHING. If I don't get out of bed before noon it's OVER for the rest of the day. I'll get up for a couple hours and fall back asleep and not do a damn thang.

Today I did a deep clean on the inside & outside of my car and took a nice 4 mile bike ride on a trail.

Once sun sets I will start cleaning & doing shit related to bettering my future!

#FeelingAccomplished #Focused #LevelUp #SleepWhenYaDeadGetOuttaBed


Timster I definitely have this mentality, if I am not up by the morning the whole day goes to waste
Sent by Anas,Nov 9, 2019
LMFAO at you tweeting the same shit as your blog

Sent by coreyants,Nov 9, 2019
coreyants I felt both audiences needed to hear this.

Tengaged will mostly listen to anything I blog. My twitter is very specific. They tend to only care about me tweeting about reality tv sadly
Sent by Timster,Nov 9, 2019

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