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Survivor 40 truth

17thMay 18, 2019 by Timster
We will all be spoiled by August sadly. Boot list will be awful. Sarah will idol out Parvati and extra vote out Kim. Ben, Adam, and Nick will be final 3 and Amber, Sandra will be first boots.

At least Sophie will be 4th as the last woman standing after enabling the men's alliance!


I just want a lot of story lines. Men vs Women One World twist even better so we can see all the ICONIC vagina alliances.

I want Romber to fuck in a cave and the whole cast hates them for hanging out so much, Ethan/Adam bonding over cancer stories, Tony/Sarah fighting over idols and fire wood, Yul/Parvati reuniting, I want it all. 2 hour episodes with tons of character content and no advantages. Kthx bye


Amber wins
Sent by Kelly0412,May 18, 2019
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,May 18, 2019
the big threats will all align and take out the irrelevants lmao
Sent by Tide,May 18, 2019
I am honestly calling Nick as first boot.
Sent by rozlyn,May 18, 2019

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