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REMINDER Gavin voted correctly

May 15, 2019 by Timster
At only 5/10 tribals. Julie 4/10, King Chris 4/5.

He wasn't that robbed tbh. #survivor


You're drunk.
Sent by hujain,May 15, 2019
Gavin correctly voted out (including pre-merge) Aubry, Joe, Eric, Julia, David, and Aurora.
Gavin was in on the plan to split between Ron/Rick (Gavin voting Ron) which resulted in Ron going.
Gavin voted in the majority for Rick and then Chris at F6/F5, but idols.
The only time Gavin didn't vote in the majority was when Kelley went and kind of when Wendy went. He only flipped to avoid a tie.
Sent by __A__,May 16, 2019

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