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  1. Quote of the decade?
  2. HOLY SHIT (literally) 馃挬
  3. I always assumed Wentworth was tipped off
  4. The best player of all time
  6. We have all SLEPT on Cirie
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  9. Imagine if WE still watched BBcan
  10. I literally just survived The Purge @ my job
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  12. Cirie and Sandra were in Survivor
  13. Ex on the beach 2 reunion is one
  14. Do drag queen fans stan Shangela?
  15. Do you think Survivor doubles
  16. + for Normani still being the least
  17. Oops I and Hit Me Baby
  20. Ever since that plane crash I can't stop
  22. + or -
  23. Out of all Pop girls/divas
  24. I-
  25. RIP Amazing Race 25 runner up
  26. Ginamaracist at the Wendy Williams Show??
  27. + for Countdown
  28. Would Dance To This by Troye Sivan ft Ariana..
  29. What's the name of that dance
  30. I still can't believe we have a Survivor winner
  31. Let's see if the black girl gets
  32. Is panera bread Mac n cheese good?
  33. LMFAO Nicole from BB18 has a dog
  34. Are Mariah Carey's kids half black?
  36. Everyone keeps saying Electric Chair!
  37. I can't at this video
  38. Who woulda THUNK One Direction
  39. This is becoming my favorite Youtube series.
  40. Looks like I'm gonna bail out on BBcan again

Now that Ariana is a main pop girl

Feb 10, 2019 by Timster
Other fan bases are THREATENED by her popularity and 2 sides have officially formed. So as it stands from my research it appears that alliances go like this:

Little Monsters, Swifities, Selenators, Camilizers  vs Arianators, Beyhives, Barbz, Navy, Katycats, Army (BTS)

Although there is some conflict within the groups. Barbz and Navy still fight with Beyhives because clearly only 1 black woman should be allowed to succeed at one time but they have a love hate relationship and stick together when the racist stans come for their faves.

Which side are you on?

P.s. couldn't find room for Britney's Army or Madonna fans or Lambs cause they're all over the place but Brits mostly feud with Beyhives, Madonna's with Little Monsters, and Lambs with Arianators


im def on side 2 minus KP
Sent by MarieTori,Feb 10, 2019
I stan some on both side... I don鈥檛 know why fanbases do this why can鈥檛 there be multiple successful pop females

Why do once they reach a peak they have to get torn down?

It鈥檚 DISGUSTING I hate stan twitter
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Feb 10, 2019
I like Ariana but she isnt that girll...though I havent seen anyone do what Gaga, Bey, and Rih have done yet...just imo
Sent by D882,Feb 10, 2019
kaseyhope101 it is pathetic but it's funny and I kinda get the competitiveness. People want their favorite football team to win the Superbowl. Stan Twitter wants their favorite singer/performer to outsell, outchart, and out award others. It's crazy how nasty people get over it though. Meanwhile almost all the celebs above get along LMAO
Sent by Timster,Feb 10, 2019
what about christina aguilera's fans what do they do
Sent by CharlieBibi,Feb 10, 2019
charliebibi they don't exist anymore

LMAO jk really though their rare to come across. They mostly feud with Britney Army and seem to like Beyhives and Monsters so they don't really have a side
Sent by Timster,Feb 10, 2019
timster I agree with everything u said with favoritisms and football teams but usually football teams have legitimate rivals and everything where stan twitter CREATES rivalries and feuds unnecessarily, as you said - obviously there are real feuds out there (Katy/Taylor - now ended though?) but they just start creating pettiness and rivalries when there鈥檚 none there, as you said (Ariana v Selena for example)

I get competitiveness but I feel as though they鈥檙e really went overboard on twitter for no reason

Basically I just said everything you said... so just RT
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Feb 10, 2019

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