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  1. Beyoncé is who she is
  2. Lindsay Lohan just posted
  3. Lindsay Lohan keeps going for Tamar
  4. Did I drag ha?
  5. What the name of that song
  6. First one inside the house CURSE
  9. Tamar did what Ika couldn't do
  10. I am SOBBING
  11. I just found out the black girl w/ the bad wig
  12. No Big Brother jury segments will EVER top BB18
  13. What are we streaming this week?
  14. And can Grammys stop nominating
  15. So glad I grew to like this Kasey girl
  16. Performance-wise is this the best Grammys
  17. Who had the best performance so far?
  18. Is Dolly Parton queen of getting outsung?
  19. HQ tonight was for Pop fans
  21. Well it's official
  22. The microphone feed on the Grammys
  23. Now that Ariana is a main pop girl
  24. Ready for Tamar or Kandi to take home
  26. Da'vonne partnering with
  27. IMAGINE if Ashley quit to screw Theo
  28. The winner of Big Brother 19
  29. The Challenge premiere is on
  30. *logs on*
  31. Hate Trump all you want but
  32. Don't forget to watch THE CHALLENGE
  33. That was the best HOH
  34. Turbo Tax scammed the CRAP out of me
  35. Grodhog can't rig publicist twist
  36. Fun fact tonight is episode 6
  37. Why do non American Asians
  38. Has Eva/Tamar/Lolo
  39. I remember Freshman year in HS
  40. Cbbus is SO GOOD so far

I just paid $57 extra dollars

Nov 14, 2018 by Timster
to fly Southwest Airlines instead of Spirit Airlines round trip. I have never flown Spirit but after looking it up it's ranked by far the worst airline.. even on wikipedia in the first paragraph it says " As of 2018, Spirit remains the only two-star airline in the United States based on Skytrax Airline Quality Research"

On top of that they charge you for drinks & snacks.. no free soda/water or cookies like other airlines do. Their tickets may be cheaper but when you add on all the extra fees like carry on bags etc. it's not much cheaper than any other airline. Also apparently their seats are super cramped? Jabye

I paid that extra $57 and chose to fly with MY FAVE SouthWest.

Did I make the right decision? Have you flown Spirit before?


Never flown Spirit but Southwest is so good so >>>>>
Sent by Christian_,Nov 14, 2018
christian_ Ty for making me feel better. I just wanted someone's assurance in making the right decision (heart) and congrats on all the great things happening in your life!!!
Sent by Timster,Nov 14, 2018
ive flown spirit twice...never again
Sent by Emmett4,Nov 14, 2018
emmett4 LMAO that's all I kept reading when looking at reviews
Sent by Timster,Nov 14, 2018
southwest is the BEST
you get two free checked bags

if something happens, you can cancel and get a credit

spirit is awful. wise decision. i have a southwest credit card bad decision tho lol
Sent by coreyants,Nov 14, 2018
for domestic flights i always go american/united. they have the cheapest and sometimes only direct flight option and for a basic quick flight they get the job done even if they did have that one scandal lol. delta i found to be pretty much the same in terms of the flight experience

for international based off of my experience flying to mexico as a kid like 10 years ago i would 1000% recommend aeromexico over american
Sent by splozojames50,Nov 14, 2018
Should have gone with Spirit just for the lolz
Sent by sk9ergal,Nov 14, 2018

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