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  1. Since when was Ben & Jerry's more expensive
  2. Beyonce is officially a wedding singer
  3. I have officially tried a Five Guys milkshake
  4. I worked SO HARD
  5. Chloe X Halle for Artist of the Year
  6. Am I the only one that expected
  7. LMAO at Mike's awkward hug with
  8. Does anyone else hate Tater Tots?
  9. Why do people prefer to make actual
  10. What the METH (MESS) is going on
  12. When does Spotfy release the year end
  13. Which is the grossest?
  14. Tragic if you're not watching LifeSize 2
  15. 馃毃 LifeSize 2 starring TYRA BANKS
  16. I've become fascinated with plane crash statistics
  17. Is it backwards to eat a veggie burger
  18. I just watched Vivor I hope yall
  19. Thank U, BEX (from MTV Scream)
  20. People always say next year will be better
  21. Ugh yes one of the pros of being black
  22. Obstreperous was my Roblox BFF
  23. Did anyone else assume Lion King
  24. Does Kara remind anyone else of
  25. The Challenge ending was EPIC
  27. I can't wait to UP my social game
  28. Unpopular Opinion
  29. Throwback to when Beyonc茅 said
  30. Thank GOD for my self control in rl
  31. What would make the David's split votes
  32. I just paid $57 extra dollars
  33. I just watched The First Purge
  34. I just watched Survivor
  35. I have TRAINED my body
  36. SCREAMING at Emma Willis talking
  37. That moment when you're looking at plane ticket
  38. Couldn't even attempt BBcan6
  39. + for grocery stores selling
  40. I'm annoyed

I found out 2 co-workers FUCKED

5thOct 31, 2018 by Timster
Because I jokingly told the guy someone told me he has a small dick and he kept asking who and I kept saying "you know who and I promised them I wouldn't say anything"

Now he thinks I know the secret about him and this one heifer having sex and he basically told me who it was since he assumed I already knew due to that girl telling me when in reality I was joking and plus I never said her name.

I got the hottest tea from work without even trying. Wow cast me on Survivor jeffprobst

(Insert LaToya Jackson magnifying glass gif)


LOOOL classic Timster calling people out on their dick size
Sent by EM002,Oct 31, 2018
Sent by splozojames50,Oct 31, 2018
I'm gonna try this on my boss and see if I can get him fired so I can take his job
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Oct 31, 2018
This is fantastic
Sent by FromAWindow,Oct 31, 2018
Wow poor guy is now gonna think the girl is going around saying he has a small dick
Sent by Piddu,Oct 31, 2018

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