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I feel bad for Tyler

Sep 27, 2018 by Timster
Looking back Kaycee deserved it, she was just so irrel until the very end it feels awkward that she won over Tyler who was my winner pick based on the Ika interviews. He is a superfan and fellow Ika Stan, and he did everything RIGHT to win I guess except whatever he did to Bayleigh (I didn't watch feeds) and I guess making Sam feel bitter. I feel like his game was perfectly aligned to win from the JUMP but he still came up short for some reason.

Kaycee is a deserving winner but it just feels weird.


And drama at the bl@ck female being the deciding vote again! Y'all better stop putting them first on jury



Tyler did play the game the best, no doubt. At the end the jury decides.
Dan played the game he won the jury
Derrick played the game he won the jury
Paul played the game he didnt win the jury. It's about social and respect
Sent by _Adidas_,Sep 27, 2018
I can also point out both times Dan was in finals
Ian made that flashy move with Mike and got Mike to respect Ian's gameplay and won over brittany too
Sent by _Adidas_,Sep 27, 2018
he didnt do everything right he treated certain jury members like ass, particularly sam. he had the bond set up with her soooo early but he kinda treated her as a tool only when he needed her and sam caught on enough to vote against him
Sent by splozojames50,Sep 27, 2018
splozojames50 lyin ass BITCH. SAM was his #1 fan and was 1000000% voting him to win until she found out he had multiple final 2s and she was never in his alliance. Her vote had nothing to do with bad social game on his end. She just MAD she got played.
Sent by Timster,Sep 27, 2018
^^ that too
It's a basic frookies strategy dont piss people off sooo much
Sent by _Adidas_,Sep 27, 2018
I just really think people overlook the social aspect of the game
Sent by joey96,Sep 27, 2018
joey96 I agree but Tyler had an amazing social game. That's why the hive thought he was voting with them every week. They all loved him even Bayleigh until her eviction week. The only bad social thing for him ultimately was playing Sam but she seemed to not even care until she got to the jury house and realized how on the outs she really was. It's a game. Mess
Sent by Timster,Sep 27, 2018
I think Scottie was the deciding vote as it seems his vote was the only one up in the air at the moment of the finale as everyone else kinda voted how we expected them to
Sent by joe1110,Sep 27, 2018

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