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  1. Quote of the decade?
  2. HOLY SHIT (literally) 馃挬
  3. I always assumed Wentworth was tipped off
  4. The best player of all time
  6. We have all SLEPT on Cirie
  7. Who will be the 2 SURPRISE female returnees?
  8. WHO speaks Portuguese?
  9. Imagine if WE still watched BBcan
  10. I literally just survived The Purge @ my job
  11. Destiny's Child is UNMATCHED
  12. Cirie and Sandra were in Survivor
  13. Ex on the beach 2 reunion is one
  14. Do drag queen fans stan Shangela?
  15. Do you think Survivor doubles
  16. + for Normani still being the least
  17. Oops I and Hit Me Baby
  20. Ever since that plane crash I can't stop
  22. + or -
  23. Out of all Pop girls/divas
  24. I-
  25. RIP Amazing Race 25 runner up
  26. Ginamaracist at the Wendy Williams Show??
  27. + for Countdown
  28. Would Dance To This by Troye Sivan ft Ariana..
  29. What's the name of that dance
  30. I still can't believe we have a Survivor winner
  31. Let's see if the black girl gets
  32. Is panera bread Mac n cheese good?
  33. LMFAO Nicole from BB18 has a dog
  34. Are Mariah Carey's kids half black?
  36. Everyone keeps saying Electric Chair!
  37. I can't at this video
  38. Who woulda THUNK One Direction
  39. This is becoming my favorite Youtube series.
  40. Looks like I'm gonna bail out on BBcan again

My body is READY for my drivers license photo

Sep 24, 2018 by Timster
imageI lost my license a couple weeks ago and last week I went to the DMV to replace it. I assumed they'd keep my old photo.. NO THEY TOOK A NEW ONE.

My crusty ass was NOT prepared. I didn't even properly wash my face, I just wanted to get in and get out and then go home and clean up. I saw what it looks like on the temporary picture but I can't wait to see it IN COLOR <3.


LOL i misplaced mine & im hoping if i do it online i wont have to take a new pic
Sent by coreyants,Sep 24, 2018
coreyants yeah it's replaceable online if you have your DL & transit # but I didn't. Makes no sense because I SAW my old photo on the computer as she was typing in my information but the second that hoe said "ok step back and look at the camera" all I could see was RED!
Sent by Timster,Sep 24, 2018
oh wow at the florida/miami dmv's you get ur license ON THE SPOT u just have to wait like an extra 10 minutes for them to print it
Sent by splozojames50,Sep 24, 2018
splozojames50 CHILE, I purposely went out of the way to go to this DMV instead of a closer one because they have virtual lines. They will text me when i'm next in line so I don't have to sit there all damn day. I walk in right when it was supposed to be my turn and there's a sign that says "Online check in unavailable" so I had to go in line and get a ticket like everyone else.... waited about 45 minutes.
Sent by Timster,Sep 24, 2018
timster oh wow when i went to the dmv to get my recent licence i went like early in the morning and the section A people "the one u go in for a new license among other things" went SUPER fast. waited like 10 minutes sitting and then they call u into the standing line which is like 3-5 minutes. then u show ur papers and wait an extra 5-10 minutes for them to call ur name and u walk out with ur new license. pretty painless i think i waited more the last time i went to the eye doctor
Sent by splozojames50,Sep 24, 2018

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