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  1. How long do YOU keep your phone?
  2. Beyoncé is who she is
  3. Lindsay Lohan just posted
  4. Lindsay Lohan keeps going for Tamar
  5. Did I drag ha?
  6. What the name of that song
  7. First one inside the house CURSE
  10. Tamar did what Ika couldn't do
  11. I am SOBBING
  12. I just found out the black girl w/ the bad wig
  13. No Big Brother jury segments will EVER top BB18
  14. What are we streaming this week?
  15. And can Grammys stop nominating
  16. So glad I grew to like this Kasey girl
  17. Performance-wise is this the best Grammys
  18. Who had the best performance so far?
  19. Is Dolly Parton queen of getting outsung?
  20. HQ tonight was for Pop fans
  22. Well it's official
  23. The microphone feed on the Grammys
  24. Now that Ariana is a main pop girl
  25. Ready for Tamar or Kandi to take home
  27. Da'vonne partnering with
  28. IMAGINE if Ashley quit to screw Theo
  29. The winner of Big Brother 19
  30. The Challenge premiere is on
  31. *logs on*
  32. Hate Trump all you want but
  33. Don't forget to watch THE CHALLENGE
  34. That was the best HOH
  35. Turbo Tax scammed the CRAP out of me
  36. Grodhog can't rig publicist twist
  37. Fun fact tonight is episode 6
  38. Why do non American Asians
  39. Has Eva/Tamar/Lolo
  40. I remember Freshman year in HS

Timster is feeling sad

Aug 20, 2018 by Timster
I had a chocolate milkshake before an unexpected nap.. when I have milkshakes I always have a memorable dream. Usually a crazy dream but this last dream I dreamt about my past friendships and old co workers. It inspired me to look back at old photos and messages with my best friend from elementary all the way to high school graduation. We moved states away from each other in middle school but we'd Skype/oovoo every week and talk for HOURS.

I'm reading these old messages and it amazes me how you can be inseparable with someone and next thing you know your friendship is gone. People grow apart I guess. I believe people are in your life for a certain chapter and not everyone needs to be there for your entire book, but I don't think this is the case. But why reach out when we have nothing in common anymore? Am I living in the past? Nostalgia is not healthy sometimes.


I go through this a lot as my friendships shift pretty easily. I’m at a point where I have a lot of positive acquaintances but very few close friendships. I think it’s best to categorise friendships to different needs - right now I have uni friends / gym friends / social friends etc all divided up
Sent by Anas,Aug 20, 2018
anas I always love your relatable comments. Thank you for that.
Sent by Timster,Aug 20, 2018
Timster no worries, your blogs get me thinking most of the time lol. Bottom line is that there’s a template of having that 1 best friend who you’ve known all your life and stay close but truth is a lot of people don’t have that. See it as something liberating that you’ve not put so much dependence and pressure on one friendship - as these often go downhill when life gets in the way anyway (competing with partner, moving away etc) and the loss is bigger.

If you wanna see how they’re doing out of curiosity go for it, but don’t go in with expectations of it going back to how it was. That’s special in its on time.
Sent by Anas,Aug 20, 2018
anas you are SO right. I blame tv for making me and the rest of the world believe we will have that ONE best friend that is like a brother/sister to us from toddler days to our final years when that's just not realistic for most people. Also adults have lives to live. We aren't kids anymore. We can't just sit around playing video games and have sleep overs every day. That was like you said a special time.
Sent by Timster,Aug 20, 2018

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