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  40. Looks like I'm gonna bail out on BBcan again

You'd think someone quitting Big Brother

13thAug 13, 2018 by Timster
for the first time in 19 seasons would be a huge deal but I barely remember the whole ordeal and what it was about. It was pretty irrelevant to the season. The word "self evict" gave me chills whenever I thought someone was going to quit because I wanted to see how it would go down. It was zzz. #bb20


i mean was it really all that different than the other walks and expulsions?  i mean chima basically did the exact same thing megan did but conveyed it by tossing mics in the pool and not listening to big brother
Sent by Zuelke,Aug 13, 2018
I can’t remember her name but it was basically

*girl gets targetted by HoH*
*girl overhears conversation*
Girl to Alex: “They called u a panda”
Girl who allegedly called Alex a panda: “NO I DIDN’T BITCH”
*Girl who allegedly called Alex a panda and Alex attack girl until she self-evicts*
Sent by Philip13,Aug 13, 2018
zuelke Truwe. I guess I expected it to be a bigger deal to the show but instead it seemed like they tried to sweep it under the rug and quickly skip to the next storyline. No interview, banned from the reunion (I assume) I don't even think Julie mentioned her quitting?

Chima's exit was legendary though. I remember seeing it being played on Good Morning America, that's what got me to start watching Big Brother.
Sent by Timster,Aug 13, 2018
philip13 LMFAO yes
Sent by Timster,Aug 13, 2018
They ran out of time that week to even bother covering it. Also I think they were doing the best they could to pretend that calling Alex "Paola" wasn't racist (which it entirely was)
Sent by Brandonator,Aug 13, 2018
Megan isnt the first one to quit though...
Some guy in Big Brother 9 quit
And Evel Dick left the game voluntarily when he found out he was HIV positive.
Sent by NewNightmare7,Aug 13, 2018
No it wasnt lol they just look very similar
Sent by RavenWhiteFeather,Aug 13, 2018
it happens all the time in the UK Timster
Sent by LoveLife,Aug 13, 2018
newnightmare7 truwe. @ me forgetting about that irrel leaving without a storyline
Sent by Timster,Aug 13, 2018

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