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  1. 1 more day until all Tumblr porn is GONE D:
  2. Zayn DID THAT
  3. I just discovered the show Nathan For You
  4. My work BFF and I conspired all week
  5. USHER is the KING of R&B
  6. Since when was Ben & Jerry's more expensive
  7. Beyonce is officially a wedding singer
  8. I have officially tried a Five Guys milkshake
  9. I worked SO HARD
  10. Chloe X Halle for Artist of the Year
  11. Am I the only one that expected
  12. LMAO at Mike's awkward hug with
  13. Does anyone else hate Tater Tots?
  14. Why do people prefer to make actual
  15. What the METH (MESS) is going on
  17. When does Spotfy release the year end
  18. Which is the grossest?
  19. Tragic if you're not watching LifeSize 2
  20. 馃毃 LifeSize 2 starring TYRA BANKS
  21. I've become fascinated with plane crash statistics
  22. Is it backwards to eat a veggie burger
  23. I just watched Vivor I hope yall
  24. Thank U, BEX (from MTV Scream)
  25. People always say next year will be better
  26. Ugh yes one of the pros of being black
  27. Obstreperous was my Roblox BFF
  28. Did anyone else assume Lion King
  29. Does Kara remind anyone else of
  30. The Challenge ending was EPIC
  32. I can't wait to UP my social game
  33. Unpopular Opinion
  34. Throwback to when Beyonc茅 said
  35. Thank GOD for my self control in rl
  36. What would make the David's split votes
  37. I just paid $57 extra dollars
  38. I just watched The First Purge
  39. I just watched Survivor
  40. I have TRAINED my body

I went to the worst McDonalds of all time today

Aug 5, 2018 by Timster
Yesterday they were slow as hell. I only went cause I was craving a McFlurry and I haven't had one of those probably in a decade. I used the app coupon and this bitch took a whole 90 seconds to try to scan the code even TOOK MY PHONE and shut the window while in the drive thru. I FELT EXPOSED.

But that was yesterday..

Today I was in line for like 10 minutes until I got to order. Then sat in line for another 10 minutes before reaching the first window. The cashier had his back to the window and was talking to a manager I guess for like a minute. He had a hoodie on so you couldn't see his face and I think he was on his phone listening to music. Not paying attention AT ALL that I was at the window. Honked the horn... sat there for 3 minutes and decided to leave.. BUT COULDN'T CAUSE THE CAR IN FRONT OF ME WAS STILL WAITING ON THEIR ORDER.

I was in that drive thru for about 20ish minutes and didn't get anything. Dumb asses. I would NEVER get loud with fast food workers but that was just complete TRASH customer service. I would've caused a scene and thrown hands had my Dad not been in the car with me.


i thought they arent supposed to take your phone? one of them got snapped up for trying to take my roommates to do the code thing cuz apparently its a liability issue if they drop it
Sent by Christian_,Aug 5, 2018
christian_ They aren't. The GOOD McDonalds that I usually go to told me they don't even need to scan it, they just need to use the FOUR DIGIT CODE which is very visible. They just type it in the computer. But this dumb ass tried scanning my phone for a good minute & a half.
Sent by Timster,Aug 5, 2018
bitch let me guess it was in the hood
i went one time and never AGAIN
people were leaving like people in the hood do NOT want to work at all Timster
Sent by Matthew09,Aug 5, 2018
matthew09 No actually a good part of town in a shopping centre. Not to associate hood with black cause that's not true and there are MILLIONS of black workers DOIN THAT DAMN THANG.

But I went to an all black mcdonalds in a ghetto side of town in my old state one time and i waited 15 minutes to get some nuggets with only 2 customers in front of me. smdh
Sent by Timster,Aug 5, 2018
yeh its not a black thing, there was a mexican hood lady that was being a bitch to me taking her SWEET ass time and theres some really hood white ppl over here lol Timster
Sent by Matthew09,Aug 5, 2018
Sometimes suburban people are the rudest, everyone can relate to that I think
Sent by GayJohnny,Aug 7, 2018

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