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Since the fans miss me talking race

Jul 16, 2018 by Timster
And Big Brother here is a QUICK write up since I'm on mobile and already said what I had to say on Twitter.

-Swaggy did himself no favors with his personality. I don't care what you say but walking into that house as a BLACK MALE already makes you a target. It should be common sense not to walk in their acting a fool. Black men and women can't play the game like white houseguests can. They already stick out like a sore thumb and tend to not relate to anyone based on vastly different cultural upbringings. I rooted for Swaggy but I don't feel bad, he did it to himself. He should know better.

Fun fact look at this tragic history if black men statistics since Season 10

10 - no black men edit: Ollie made jury grats
11 - Kevin was half... 3rd grats?
12 - no black men
13 - Lawon AND Keith went prejury
14 - No black men
15 - Howard went prejury
16 - Devin went prejury
17/18/19 - No black men
20 - Prejury.

A black male clearly isn't Robyn Kass' favorite archetype and the rare times they do make it on the show they flop HARD unless they're gay ala Marcella's (Still a flop) and Kevin. Marvin is the outlier. Ramsey is a c#*n so I left him out. But he's prejury too so...

Also wanted to day this is the first time in BBUS HISTORY a black female won an America's Vote. Not even Candice could land Top 3 fan favorite during 15 out of pure sympathy. Either the cat ladies have AWOKEN or the Twitter fan base is finally banning together to support a sista in need. Sad it took that long looking at the history of ridiculously entertaining BW on the show.



10 had ollie who did decent bud
Sent by ghrocky100,Jul 16, 2018
ghrocky100 we don't speak of him. Jk I forgot he existed
Sent by Timster,Jul 16, 2018
lawon and keith were both complete fucking idiots tho, marcellas/marvin/kevin (we're counting him black? thought he was latino) are fantastic players and ollie was good
Sent by ghrocky100,Jul 16, 2018
also parker/howard were robbed af, devin did it to himself, swaggy c did it a little to himself but kinda got screwed at the same time
Sent by ghrocky100,Jul 16, 2018
ghrocky100 o I thought Kevin was half black half Asian.

Marvin was a mess. I don't count him as a good player at all.
Almost all of them were idiots tbh. And yes Howard got screwed
Sent by Timster,Jul 16, 2018
timster I actually met howard and he was soooo chill and sooo nice he should've won bb15, he's from my city
Sent by ghrocky100,Jul 16, 2018
I dont agree with the 'automatically target cs black' but whatever
Sent by joe1110,Jul 16, 2018

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