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  1. Beyoncé is who she is
  2. Lindsay Lohan just posted
  3. Lindsay Lohan keeps going for Tamar
  4. Did I drag ha?
  5. What the name of that song
  6. First one inside the house CURSE
  9. Tamar did what Ika couldn't do
  10. I am SOBBING
  11. I just found out the black girl w/ the bad wig
  12. No Big Brother jury segments will EVER top BB18
  13. What are we streaming this week?
  14. And can Grammys stop nominating
  15. So glad I grew to like this Kasey girl
  16. Performance-wise is this the best Grammys
  17. Who had the best performance so far?
  18. Is Dolly Parton queen of getting outsung?
  19. HQ tonight was for Pop fans
  21. Well it's official
  22. The microphone feed on the Grammys
  23. Now that Ariana is a main pop girl
  24. Ready for Tamar or Kandi to take home
  26. Da'vonne partnering with
  27. IMAGINE if Ashley quit to screw Theo
  28. The winner of Big Brother 19
  29. The Challenge premiere is on
  30. *logs on*
  31. Hate Trump all you want but
  32. Don't forget to watch THE CHALLENGE
  33. That was the best HOH
  34. Turbo Tax scammed the CRAP out of me
  35. Grodhog can't rig publicist twist
  36. Fun fact tonight is episode 6
  37. Why do non American Asians
  38. Has Eva/Tamar/Lolo
  39. I remember Freshman year in HS
  40. Cbbus is SO GOOD so far

ANYWAYS Christina Aguilera is

Jun 17, 2018 by Timster
Officially over. I mean she was over when she screwed up the lyrics at the super bowl while in the middle of her long ass break/retirement. But the results came in and her new album only sold 23k in pure album sales and 31 k streaming.

To give you a comparison Reputation sold like 1.3 million the first week if Reputation. Lemonade sold like 670k the first week. Fifth Harmony sold around 80k in total after Camila left. I can't think of other recent examples off the top of my head. It's more fair to compare her to singers that started the same time as her (Brinty, P!nk, Bey, etc.)

Good job y'all let someone who was once called the voice of our generation, a living soon to be legend, flop. She will now be forgotten. P!nk outlasted her y'all.. smh


we've been knew that P!nk would outlast her
Sent by MoooHades,Jun 17, 2018
mooohades all the flops that tried to make a come back after previously being super successful should form a new girl band.

Xtina, Nicole Scherzinger, Fergie, Gwen Stefanie, Aly & Aj. Yes?
Sent by Timster,Jun 17, 2018
Somehow even with her amazing voice she doesn't seem to come up with many great tracks.
Sent by Chic,Jun 17, 2018
Sent by coreyants,Jun 17, 2018
I'm very sad about the public's of support for Christina. She should be a legend. I can't help but feel some of it is her fault for constantly taking such long breaks between albums. I actually think she has a lot of quality material. The problem is she just hasn't released enough albums. She's released six English speaking ones in 20 years in a fast-paced industry. She said she doesn't care and would rather be authentic and release music on her own terms, so at least she is fulfilling her wants. It's just a shame because she could have been a legend if she pushed harder. Everyone thought she'd outlast Britney, Pink and all of her peers, but she is struggling sales-wise. I guess we should just appreciate her music as and when it is released. I love the album. :)
Sent by 75937563748,Jun 17, 2018

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