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It's crazy how when Beyonce does anything

Jun 17, 2018 by Timster
The tengays scream how overated she is and blah blah blah. Imagine being THAT mad over someone else existing. Meanwhile y'all will go wild for the most basic ass generic can't sing boring white chick with zero stage presence, zero vocal skills, or creativity. It's so obvious... And y'all's negs don't make this blog any less truthful. Stay mad. 馃槀 Y'all are so predictable


she is overrated but what did she do?
Sent by ghrocky100,Jun 17, 2018
ghrocky100 release a rap album with her husband and y'all are threatened that she is going to be more relevant than your favorite singers for the next year.
Sent by Timster,Jun 17, 2018
timster I will actually listen to it first and if it's good then idrc she deserves it but the problem is she hasn't released anything good. especially that horrible piece of shit lemonade
Sent by ghrocky100,Jun 17, 2018
She's obviously an amazing performer but this album is a bit shit.
Sent by Chic,Jun 17, 2018
ghrocky100 ok well you are cancelled for calling Lemonade shit. It wasn't radio friendly or anything but it flowed wonderfully together and was full of emotion if you really sat down and took in the lyrics. P.s. you need today to hear the new album so glad!

chic that's a fair opinion. I'm not the biggest fan of her being a rapper so I probably will agree with you. I didn't care for the public sing but I enjoyed the video. I just think trap rap brings her quality down. She is pretty confusing sometimes. Anyways this isn't about the quality of the album..this blog is about folks who always try to say something bad (even during Coachella lolol) because they are jealous that she is taking away attention from their favorite pop singer which is so dumb.
Sent by Timster,Jun 17, 2018
timster lemonade was a very raunchy and while I agree with most of the viewpoints presented there were some that were just way too extreme, I do want to hear the album mainly because I love Jay Z but I don't want to give tidal money so
Sent by ghrocky100,Jun 17, 2018
ghrocky100 *posts gif of someone changing into 10 different wigs and tells you to get a free trial account like everyone else*
Sent by Timster,Jun 17, 2018
timster but don't you have to put credit card info in?
Sent by ghrocky100,Jun 17, 2018
ghrocky100 lol yep you do.
Sent by Timster,Jun 17, 2018
timster there's the prob, I don't have a credit card
Sent by ghrocky100,Jun 17, 2018
I actually listened to her self titled album yesterday for the first time and I really, really liked it! Haunted was easily a stand out for me.
Sent by BluJay112,Jun 17, 2018

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