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Anyone else watching Champs vs Stars?

Jun 9, 2018 by Timster
Louise and Casper are possibly my favorite duo of all time on #TheChallenge. They're great at competitions, but underdogs because of their size and in the minority. They don't kiss ass and stand up to the vets. I LOVE MY POC!!

Shane was amazing on Invasion but I haven't liked him since. Most of the champs ruin themselves on this spin off, they come across really ugly and entitled.

LIL MAMA I almost cried when she got sent home. She was another favorite of mine. I was surprised by her strength despite her size and her loyalty is unmatched. I'd love to see her return.

I'm pulling for Louise and Casper ONLY. I can deal with a Wes and Booby win though. I love Drake but Kailah is the worst so.. and CT and Tony make me nauseous


Lil Mama was so fucking good
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Jun 9, 2018
Timster I JUST CAUGHT UP AND WAS ABOUT TO BLOG MY OPINIONS. Louise and Casper are ICONIC, SUCH a great team. Agreed on most of the Champs ruining their rep/image on this show because they all come off super cocky and annoying. They constantly belittle the Stars and brag about manipulating and taking control of the game, but as soon as they come into power, they label them bullies and villains, and call them stupid for game moves that are honestly pretty smart (EX: throwing in Devin instead of C.T. so Wes can beat Devin to make it 4-4 and let the Stars on the Red Team have a chance at gaining a numbers advantage).

ALSO Lil Mama was SO damn good. I was so sad to see her leave. I was kinda hoping after Tori fell, she would've stuck it out and made the top 3 teams, but it's whatever.

And same, I'm only continuing watching for Louise and Casper. The other teams are gross honestly with Kailah, Tony/CT, and Wes. I'm glad Shane's gone though. He's been annoying me throughout the entire game. One of the most entitled and egotistical Champs across all 3 seasons and he has no win on the main show to support this.
Sent by snowflake3,Jun 12, 2018

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